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2016 Will Be Our Year


Becky, OtakuBooty Loves You

We have some great news to report. OB member Mrs. Mink has now had a clean bill of health for the last five years in her battle with cancer. That's a very good sign for those fighting Hodgkins. Her cancer is very unlikely to return at this point.

Becky has been a part of OtakuBooty for over ten years. We're not going anywhere, and neither is she. Fight on, our friend!

Regarding Firefox and Mozilla

Mozilla, maker of Firefox, is a non-profit company that is very dear to my heart.

Without Mozilla's efforts to support an open Internet that respects standards and users' privacy it is extremely likely that we would have wound up with a Microsoft-dominated Internet in the 2000s or a Google-dominated Internet in the current decade.

Additionally, Mozilla releases source code to all of its software, allowing all of us to participate in its development or modify it for our own purposes. They do much good.

Recently Mozilla named a new CEO, Brendan Eich, who donated $1,000 to an anti gay-marriage organization in 2008. This is unacceptable. Marriage is one of the many basic rights that all humans should have, and one of the many rights frequently denied to same-sex couples.

It is unacceptable even though Mozilla has an inclusive culture and mission statement and puts its money where its mouth is by extending benefits to same-sex partners of all employees. One wrong and one right don't make two rights, and many rights don't erase a single wrong.

However, I don't believe that blindly switching browsers away from Firefox to Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Chrome (as OK Cupid has advised its users) is a ethically a step forward. Those for-profit companies have many questionable practices that dwarf a $1,000 donation to a shitty cause.

Instead, we should pressure Mozilla to reconsider its choice of CEO: here or on Twitter or on Facebook or anywhere else we can.

PS: If you must switch away from Firefox, I would recommend Chromium as a least-bad alternative. Chromium is the basis of Google's Chrome, but using it does not financially support Google in any way that I am aware of.

Japan's New Crush? Crimean Prosecutor

Maybe she's the next Nevada-tan. The BBC is reporting that some anime and manga fans have developed a little something-something for Crimea's new attorney general, Natalia Poklonskaya.

In Japan, people watching events unfolding in Crimea appear to have become captivated by the region's newly-appointed attorney general.

...In particular, one video in which Poklonskaya listens to a reporter's question has been viewed nearly 300,000 times since it was posted to a Japanese YouTube channel. There is no translation of her answer.

Source: BBC News via Rocketnews24.

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Subaru's Attack on Titan Commercial

Well... I want one now. The car, I mean.

OB at MAGFest 2014

Everybody knows that MAGFest, which lists our own Nick the Newbie among its senior staff, is the world's best convention music and gaming festival.

Here's a few of our members that attended this year. It wasn't an official OB meetup, but there sure were a lot of us at the panel hosted by OBers Matt Mercer's and Zach Grafton's.

OB Alumni Update: Caitlin Sets World Record!

This was a surprise, and wonderful to hear. Congratulations, Caitlin! Way to kick ass. Emphasis ours:
The cult classic beat-em-up Splatterhouse has a new world record champion.

Caitlin Oliver, a 30-year-old Chicago native, achieved the new record score of 493,700 points on Saturday, October 19 while playing live at Windy City destination Galloping Ghost Arcade. Oliver's new mark, which was set during a live internet broadcast, shatters the previous record mark of 373,100 points set last year at the same location by Anthony Paparo, according to the Aurcade high score database. The score has been submitted to longtime world record adjudicators Twin Galaxies for complete verification.

Caitlin's new world record mark makes her the first woman in almost 30 years to set a world record on a video arcade game. It also marks the latest chapter in a longtime history with the Namco classic.

Read the read of the article here. Hat tip to seggs for letting us know.

BootyCon 2013: OtakuBooty Takes Chicago

We're still recovering. Our words will be short. Our pictures, however, will not be.

BootyCon 2013 was a huge success! Chicago is a fantastic city, and the Chicago-native OB crew stepped waaayyy up and showed us a fantastic time.

Huge thanks to Tulip O'Hare for organizing this entire thing. We literally would not have had a BootyCon without her and Riker's Beard. This was her first BootyCon and she was a true shining jewel of awesomeness. Lord Bullgod, trabus, and sparkledonkey started this thing and it's such a huge thrill to be a part of it every year.

You can view all 79 pictures here on OtakuBooty, or on Flickr, or over on Facebook.

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