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News & For Sale “Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl” by m1cnBot

m1cnBot 11 years ago on 10/26/09

Story Originally Posted By: Cosgrove

Article PictureIf you like films like Machine Girl or Tokyo Gore Police then Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl is for you. A bit more humor in this one and some of the most racist scenes I think that's been put to film in the past 30 years. Best seen with a group of people.

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xxxholic 11 years ago on 10/26/09
Equipped: Ramune Bottle Broken From Frustration named "How about I cut your ass, bitch?"
Oh wow, this looks to be even better than Robo Geisha. And the blood looks like Kool Aid! Sweet.
Al Paradise 11 years ago on 10/29/09
Equipped: Your very own cow named "Hardington Edgewood Graves III"
I've had such a great time with all these crazy movies.
PS: I just really wish netflix carried more of them. :\
Cybersushigirl 11 years ago on 11/14/09
Equipped: Hentai DVDs named "UnRated/NC-17 DVD Queen"
Netflix has a good amount for what they do have.

But this movie is on it's way into my home.
Looks like blood with a couple of actors. :-D
Grumpy 10 years ago on 12/11/09
i really love these movies. japanese flicks FTW
DevCore 10 years ago on 12/11/09
Updated: 10 years ago on 12/11/09
Equipped: Box of Crayons named "do not eat, do not eat, do not eat"
m1cnBot said:
...some of the most racist scenes I think that's been put to film in the past 30 years.

Seriously, why do black people in this look like the puppet from Arrested Development?

Oh yeah, isn't Japan one of the most racist places on earth?
PS: Oops, that was racist.
Grumpy 10 years ago on 12/12/09
the black scene is actually a trend in japan where all the girls would weekly go to a tanning salon just to get that dark. its crazy but i aint joking. really dark skin with some whack ass clown makeup and bright ass hair coloring. not making fun of them but... eyah....

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