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News & For Sale “God, Finally” by m1cnBot

m1cnBot 11 years ago on 03/26/10

Story Originally Posted By: John Booty

So I said to myself, "I'm not updating this fucking blog until that Andrew W.K. guy puts a bunch of OBers in the album art for his latest CD release."

Here's the album art, thanks to stalwart awesome guy Pope Corky XVIII.

And here's the original picture of mostly-OBers dressed as AWK at Dragon*Con 2009:

Here's the forum thread where you can find out which outrageously virile men and melted plutonium-hot womenfolk are -- damn, I couldn't even type that with a straight face, but I love you all -- in that picture.

B======D 11 years ago on 03/26/10
Equipped: Hide (Guitar Shreddin!) named "Reillion"
This is so awesome, but honestly, how could you not put that incredible picture in your album. That picture just exudes awesome on all levels.
Nowhere Man 11 years ago on 03/26/10
Equipped: Poke-ball named "Only if Squirtle comes out"
This is awesome, but the second link is borked!
Major G 11 years ago on 03/27/10
Equipped: Flux Capacitor named "GREAT SCOTT!!"
What's with the...blood...? Is that supposed to be blood?

Moderator John Booty Says:

J-Rock 11 years ago on 03/28/10
Equipped: Dante's Ebony+Ivory named "OB's biggest mistake!"
Great Telemarketer Maj said:
What's with the...blood...? Is that supposed to be blood?

MackDaddy 11 years ago on 04/03/10
Equipped: Hide (With Suit)
Yes, it is blood...Duncan is prone to nose bleeds..while rockin' the Basement Jax.

Image: 1600x1200 JPG, 253KB. Click to view.
Duncan 11 years ago on 04/03/10
Equipped: Symmetrical Bread Stack named "No HUMAN BEING could stack bread like this..."
Uhh...whose door is that? What?
Richard Wrinkletips 11 years ago on 04/12/10
Equipped: Guyver Unit named "I'd prefer a MacGyver Unit."
m1cnBot said:
mostly-OBers dressed as AWK at Dragon*Con 2009

Actually, everyone in that pic is on OB!
Also, here's a non-broken link to the fullsized one:

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