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News & For Sale “MAGFest 2011” by m1cnBot

m1cnBot 8 years ago on 01/18/11

Story Originally Posted By: John Booty

Article PictureOtakuBooty was out in full force at MAGFest 2011. Usually we're too busy drinking and partying to have a booth or a table, but thanks to Hunky Dory's idea and jizzloads of amazing volunteer members we got off of our collective asses and represented.

And yes, there was DUCT TAPE COSPLAY. You should not be satisfied with the small -- yet impossibly sexual -- selection of pictures below. You should click on the link below and look at all 45 glorious photos. That is what you need.

View 45 OtakuBooty MAGFest pictures on Flickr...

Put A Bird On It! 8 years ago on 01/18/11
Equipped: N00dz of Sephiroth named "(meow)"

Holy shit, I forgot I took a bunch of random pictures when we realized your camera was in our room.
ExSlyder 8 years ago on 01/19/11
Even though I only made it there for Saturday, Magfest was filled with epicness. My back was killing me Sunday from sleeping in my car (again, another victim of spontaneity). It especially sucked as I lost my pain meds, prolly when I got changed into my cosplay (non-duct tape). But it was really great meeting a lot of you that were there, which is why I hung out by the table so much. (plus that sexy Link at the next table over).

If you met me (or even not) and wanna chat. Drop me a note.
Hey! It's That Sean! 8 years ago on 01/19/11
Equipped: Leg Upgrade: "High Jump Boots"
Good time! Good time!

Sad that it's over, but I'm totally going back next year! Would you guys want me to back extra cookies so you have enough batches to go around?
Horse's Ass 8 years ago on 01/20/11
Equipped: Espionage Codec named "Major Tom, can you hear me?! Major Tom?"
Sen said:
Would you guys want me to back extra cookies so you have enough batches to go around?
That might be pretty nice!

It was alot of fun. Hope to see many more new faces around here. Booth went off pretty well and we look pretty damn awesome might I say.
RogueSamus 8 years ago on 01/23/11
Equipped: Pocket Link named "Snooki"
i love being greeted with a thumbnail of my muffin top every time i come back
Dia 8 years ago on 01/23/11
Equipped: Radtaculous Glove of POWWWEER named "It helps with the DRILLBIT MANEUVER!"
Your muffin top is all that, whole grain low fat

Moderator nomad Says:

Tawanos 7 years ago on 01/11/12
Equipped: Link's Ocarina
My first con event with OB, first time going to MAG as well, which I certainly plan on doing next year. Great getting to see people in person, gaming was fun too. I was only there for the day, but it was totally worth it, and I wish I had gone for the full event.
RogueSamus 7 years ago on 01/11/12
Equipped: Embarassing Yaoi Fanfiction by RogueSamus named "Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life"
Dia said:
Your muffin top is all that, whole grain low fat

we upgrade to rump roast in this year's cosplay

Moderator nomad Says:

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