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News & For Sale “Japan's Disasters Spawn "Operation Yashima"” by m1cnBot

m1cnBot 10 years ago on 03/14/11

Story Originally Posted By: John Booty

Art influences life. reports:
In an effort to reduce strain on Japan’s damaged power grid, the Tokyo Electric Power Company asked people to conserve electricity during peak hours. The effort has gained momentum and was unofficially dubbed “Operation Yashima” after Misato’s plan to defeat the angel Ramiel.

Visit the Operation Yashima site, full of information. Or at least it seems that way. I don't know, because it's all in Japanese and I'm sadly monolingual.

Johnny Landmine 10 years ago on 03/14/11
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Apparently the national push to conserve electricity has been a pretty big success, according to the Tokyo Electric Power Company. A friend posted this PDF of theirs on Twitter:

The row headings are, from top to bottom:
Energy demand hypothesized without taking earthquake incidents into account
Energy demand hypothesized on March 13
Actual energy demand

And the column headings, from left to right:
Morning (10 AM)
4 PM
Lighting times (6-7 PM)

The numbers are in ten-thousands of kilowatts. The footnote for March 13's estimated energy requirement from 6-7 PM says that at 4 PM of that day, the estimate was changed to 34,000,000kW.

If you check the bottom columns against each other, you'll see that today's energy requirements were around 25% lower than anticipated.
PS: Er, if you check the bottom rows against each other, of course.
Heavyoak 10 years ago on 03/14/11
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in english


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