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News & For Sale “Dirty Signs: Learning Filthy Sign Language With Kristin” by m1cnBot

m1cnBot 6 years ago on 12/16/11

Story Originally Posted By: John Booty

Much like OtakuBooty itself, a lot of the charm here stems from seeing a cute, nerdy girl talk about queefing and how much she wants you to fuck her mouth.

Kristin is quite the sign language educator, and this is highly practical stuff: Bullgod once pointed out to me that sign language is so useful for communicating in bars and other crowded places that it almost feels like you're cheating. Via Metafilter, who seems to be our muse today.

It seems to me that there are two ways to be really good at using profanity. One is to swear so sparingly that a single, tactical "What the sistertouching fuck is going on here, you dickless kitten shit?" hissed through clenched teeth is devastatingly effective, like a priest punching you in the mouth through the screen in a confession booth while you're crying with your eyes closed.

The other route to success is Deadwood-style saturation in which the undulating tides of profanity rolling out of your mouth become their own filthy rhythm; profane waves defiling a dirty beach under a delightfully debauched sun.

Donitsu 6 years ago on 12/16/11
Equipped: Spike Spiegel's Gun (Jericho 94)
The sign for male ejaculation is literally one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
Ryan the Lion 6 years ago on 12/16/11
Equipped: Radtaculous Glove of POWWWEER named "Knife-proof bionic hand!"
I've never had more fun learning.
Ikirus 6 years ago on 12/16/11
Equipped: Spike Spiegel's Gun (Jericho 94)
I'm going to be signing that to my wife all night tonight while were at a housewarming party for her brother.
Darth Gnosis 6 years ago on 12/16/11
Equipped: JEDI DICK named "Wanna watch Star Wars and feel the Force?"
That 56-second video was more helpful than an entire semester of American Sign Language.
Henry Jones 6 years ago on 12/18/11
Equipped: Blow Up Doll of the Finest Quality named "SHE WON'T LIVE, BUT THEN AGAIN, WHO DOOOOOOOES?!"
The moment I learned how to say "fuck muffin" in sign language was the moment I had learned the greatest expression in any language in history.
Tawanos 6 years ago on 01/11/12
Equipped: Link's Ocarina
Things worth knowing.

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