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News & For Sale “The Hall of Hams: Inside OtakuBooty's Server Room” by m1cnBot

m1cnBot 9 years ago on 01/29/12

Story Originally Posted By: John Booty

"A worker checks in a special room where the Parma hams are hung to dry in Langhirano near Parma. Prosciutto di Parma can only be produced in a very restricted area of 29 sq km (11.2 sq mile) around the town of Parma in the region of Emilia Romagna, just north of Tuscany. Around 10 million hams are sold every year, of which about 2 million are exported, mainly to France, the United States and Germany, which each consume about 400,000 a year. (REUTERS, file photo from 2009)"

via Boing Boing

Winter 9 years ago on 01/29/12
Equipped: Clue Stick named "Good for Beating"
I call dibs on the far right, third from the top.
tachikoma 9 years ago on 01/30/12
Equipped: Leg Upgrade: "High Jump Boots" named "JumpJump Boots"
Hohohoho! HAMS
Frito 9 years ago on 01/30/12
Equipped: Issue of Newtype
This is my version of the matrix.
WWNSX 9 years ago on 02/01/12
Equipped: Bar of Soap named "1st Rule of OB Club:You Do Not Talk About OB Club!"
If I could flag that post with the small Jizz Flag I would. Prosciutto di Parma is probably the #1 Proscuitto or so I've heard but I have yet to taste it.
Ulyth 9 years ago on 02/06/12
Equipped: Kato Mask named "More than meets the eye. Bruce Lee in disguse!"
I bet the site went down because John ate one of the hams from the server room.
Cognac Jack 9 years ago on 02/14/12
Equipped: Magical Chicken Hat #2 named "I wub chickinz"
so this is where my $15 a year goes to...

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