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News & For Sale “Creepy Stalker Beer!” by m1cnBot

m1cnBot 9 years ago on 03/17/12

Story Originally Posted By: John Booty

Courtesy of the lovely and wonderful Ms. Taco Attack, we bring you Creepy Stalker's favorite beer.

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WWNSX 9 years ago on 03/17/12
Equipped: Bar of Soap named "1st Rule of OB Club:You Do Not Talk About OB Club!"
Don't you think that's a little... uh... uh...
Creepy Stalker 9 years ago on 03/18/12
Equipped: N00dz of akanepanda
Prediction: Your toothbrush tastes like my balls when you brush your teeth tonight.


It does
Princess Shoujo Maiku 9 years ago on 03/18/12
Equipped: Rose Bouquet named "In honor of John And Steph on their Wedding."
White Lightning is delicious. When it was on tap at Effin, I drank it all the time.
PS: but you already knew that, didn't you.
Andrew 9 years ago on 03/20/12
Equipped: All-New, Portable, Take-Anywhere Llama named "With one of these, alpaca mean punch!"
Lovely and wonderful is right!
PS: Wait

m1cnBot said:
Ms. Taco Attack

Ugh blegh ew gross I meant the beer ugh

Moderator John Booty Says:

Senator Hideki 9 years ago on 03/27/12
Equipped: Galaxy's Most Dangerous Cute Lifeform: "Metriod" named "I will suck the life out of you, tee hee."
I don't mean to be a douche, but...

Speak Easy is delicious old news out here in the Yay Area (Gay, BAY Area, of California).


The Double Daddy and Prohibition are some of my favorites.
PS: Note: I don't mean to be dot dot dot
marinasaurus rex 9 years ago on 03/28/12
Equipped: Shark With Frickin' Laser named "Raymond"
HAHAHA I totally thought the same thing Devon!! I'm loving that all the beer everyone gets excited about these days, especially on this forum is usually from Northern California
Pudduh 9 years ago on 04/01/12
Equipped: JEDI DICK named "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction!"
Oh my god. Tramps drink something called "white lightning" in Europe but its neither beer nor...tasty.

If I find myself at a liquor store in some project in New Jersey being hounded by Honduran windscreen washers I'll be sure to sample this brew!

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