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Nerd Shit “Lupin the Third: A Woman Called Fujiko Mine (2012)” by m1cnBot

m1cnBot 9 years ago on 04/12/12

Story Originally Posted By: John Booty

We'll get this out of the way first: Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to lu Onna (A Woman Called Fujiko Mine) series features lots of Fujiko's huge, perfect, fat, uncensored tits.

Yes, really.

That said, this is an intriguing take on a beloved old franchise that's gotten increasingly stale over the years. Enter Sayo Yamamoto, a rare female director in a male-dominated field. She brings us an "adult" and Fujiko-centered retelling of the Lupin III stories. It's one that some fans may find highly female-positive despite the fleshy Fujiko fanservice on display.

The first episode, a classic caper story, dips into a seemingly bottomless animation budget to showcase Yamamoto's kinetic, almost experimental style. We're also introduced to 2012's versions of Fujiko and Lupin. Their relationship is subtly different from the one we're used to.

Previous Lupin III retellings have always portrayed Fujiko as independent and dangerous, yet often reliant on her seductive charms when she needed to best Lupin himself. This time around, Lupin is cagier and seems immune to her feminine wiles. The end result? Our modern version of Fujiko, despite her gratuitous nudity, relies solely on skill and guts instead of fluttered eyelashes in her attempts to gain the upper hand on Lupin in their eternal game of high-stakes one-upsmanship.

A Study in Pink 9 years ago on 04/12/12
Oh, I was wondering why people were talking about Lupin again! I'll definitely check this out.
Tess the Meanie 9 years ago on 04/12/12
Equipped: Servbots named "Huey, Louie, and whatever."
I've watched the two episodes that are out so far, and I can't explain how much I love the art and stylization. The opening is so strange, but has a really nice mystery sixties feel to it. It reminds me of Bebop, or vice versa. I love femme fatale characters, I can't help it.

I really enjoyed the second episode.
John Booty 9 years ago on 04/13/12
Equipped: Sparkledonkey's Gallbladder
I sort of didn't want to watch it, because having Fujiko be naked all over the place just felt desperate or something. But I really liked the way they did everything in the first episode.

Can't wait to watch the second one...

ZonbiNoEega 9 years ago on 04/14/12
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I will have to check it out. Thanks!
P.Y.T. 9 years ago on 04/15/12
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I had no idea this was made! Last year, Fujiko was featured as one of the toons promoting Creer Beaute products (one of the best eyeliners I have ever used btw) & now this year she gets her own show? This is awesome!

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Johnny Landmine 9 years ago on 04/15/12
Equipped: Devo Hat named "Effective non-streaking protection from Space Junk"
John Booty said:
I sort of didn't want to watch it, because having Fujiko be naked all over the place just felt desperate or something.

Admittedly I haven't seen this so I dunno if she's naked all over the place more than usual or anything, but man, that would be a super tall order. Fujiko being naked all over the place is definitely nothing new in pretty much any Lupin that wasn't directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
PS: It is still really weird to be watching the Friday night family TV movie and suddenly bam, Fujiko naked all over the place.
PS: Okay, yes, there is not usually thorn bondage and nipple-pinching.
EvilJorge 9 years ago on 04/15/12
Equipped: Pimp Hat named "Sir William's Chapeau"
The very first anime convention I went to was Project A-kon 5 in 1994, and Monkey Punch was there. I remember him talking about how he learned to draw women by imitating the pictures in the pages of Playboy magazine.

Anyway, he was the first artist I ever got a sketch from, and my first choice was Fujiko, which has adorned the wall of many a domicile that I have lived in over the years. Had I time to go through the line again, I would have gotten Goemon or Zenigata, but Fujiko has been a long favorite of mine from the series.

Image: 1952x3264 JPG, 1380KB. Click to view.
team banzai 9 years ago on 05/14/12
Equipped: Gum's Helmet named "to prevent head injury...when I run you over"
I love this show. It has me so excited. I'm watching three anime right now- this, Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope, the new one from the Bebop team w/ Yoko Kanno jazz jam sessions), and Fate/Zero.
I can't say enough how awesome it is to have it simulcasted by Funimation and how much I appreciate that. Yeah, you have to wait a day longer than the fan subs, but the subs are awesome, quality is super high, and it directly supports the production company which I am very much in favor of.
It's actually the first Lupin series directed by a woman and the first one to have someone other than Lupin as the main character. It also has new people as Fujiko and Goemon. The guys who play Lupin, Jigen and Zenigata have been the same for years. (Lupin only changed because the actor died.)
Regardless, this show is like being sexually assaulted and I like it.

@ EvilJorge If you come home and that sketch is missing, I didn't take it.
John Booty 9 years ago on 05/14/12
Equipped: Sparkledonkey's Gallbladder
So the other episodes have been as good as the first? Awesome.

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