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News & For Sale “OB at MAGFest 2014” by m1cnBot

m1cnBot 8 years ago on 01/07/14

Story Originally Posted By: John Booty

Everybody knows that MAGFest, which lists our own Nick the Newbie among its senior staff, is the world's best convention music and gaming festival.

Here's a few of our members that attended this year. It wasn't an official OB meetup, but there sure were a lot of us at the panel hosted by OBers Matt Mercer's and Zach Grafton's.

President Baltar 8 years ago on 01/07/14
Equipped: Power Armor Upgrade: "Screw Attack"
It''s beautiful.

I'm so happy I stumbled across this.
Boudicca 8 years ago on 01/07/14
Equipped: Lightsaber named "I AM the Dark Side, Motherfuckers!!"
Want to squeeze those nerds.
Kev 8 years ago on 01/08/14
Equipped: Devo Hat named "We are not men."
GodDAMN we have some beautiful members, don't we?!

Also, can we talk about Josh cosplaying Jarod in this photo?
Bad Wolf 8 years ago on 01/08/14
Equipped: Sigil From Ed Elric's Coat named "Equivalent Exchange"

Image: 494x494 JPG, 60KB. Click to view.
Frito 8 years ago on 01/13/14
Equipped: Issue of Newtype
Haha wtf
Frito 8 years ago on 01/25/14
Equipped: Issue of Newtype
Love this photo you guys haha

Image: 3264x4912 JPG, 2603KB. Click to view.
Ak 8 years ago on 01/27/14
booty is like could you not

Image: 634x346 JPG, 41KB. Click to view.

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