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News & For Sale “SUPER BURGER TIME” by m1cnBot

m1cnBot 15 years ago on 11/10/04

Story Originally Posted By: Joseph Luster

Article PictureHey, yeah, Burgers and you, what should you do?

SEGA GENESIS 15 years ago on 11/11/04
Equipped: Technique scroll: "Flying Glomp" named "Official Proclamation of Newtype USA's Mediocrity"
Goddamn I was really drunk a few hours ago and for some reason wrote an article!
SEGA GENESIS 13 years ago on 05/02/07
Equipped: Jar of Pickles named "More Like Jar of... god, why bother"
There comes a time when it is Burgertime.
CasualGirl84 13 years ago on 05/02/07
Equipped: Three-Headed Monkey named "Won Pyo is awesome"
Best article EVER.
yuushi 13 years ago on 05/02/07
Equipped: Most Amazing Thing Ever!!!! named "What Is and What Should Never Be"
I wanna pull my Intellivision out of storage and play some Burgertime now.

Too bad it doesn't work.

Though I do have Buster Bros. on the Duo . . .
Prof Farnsworth 13 years ago on 05/03/07
Equipped: Portable Confessional. Have YOU been good? named "I poked a badger with a spoon."
My poor Intellivision died years ago. This thread makes me want to scour flea markets. BugerTime, although not my favourite, was among the best.
Someone at a mom & pop game store (that repairs classic consoles) told me that often with old systems, oxide would build up on the cartridge slot contacts, but I haven't tried cleaning it yet, as my Intellivision is still at my Dad's place.

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