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News & For Sale “ThePirate Reviews: Cromartie High Vol. 1” by m1cnBot

m1cnBot 13 years ago on 02/27/05

Story Originally Posted By: John Booty

Article PictureI'll be honest. We watch a lot of anime here at OtakuBooty and 99% is total crap. We all love anime but let's face it: most of the junk on the shelf at Suncoast and Best Buy is not fit for human consumption.

So please believe us when we tell you that Cromartie High is one of the best things we've seen in a long time.

Read on for the guest review by OtakuBooty moderator and inspirational leader ThePirate.

Feuilly 13 years ago on 02/28/05
Equipped: Your very own cow named "Full of authentic bull shit!"
As an utter baseball dork I look at this title can only think of the mediocre US player that later became one of the more successful Americans in Japanese baseball, Warren Cromartie.
Feuilly 13 years ago on 03/01/05
Equipped: Your very own cow named "Full of authentic bull shit!" I feel better... LOL Randy F'n Bass!
DJ Ecstasy 13 years ago on 03/02/05
Equipped: Loose Socks named "kick ass Ko-Gal gear"
I'm sad, I want Cromartie high now! ;_; It doesn't hit the streets until the 15th. I saw a fan sub online during the summer and thought it was the greatest thing ever.
seesee 12 years ago on 09/12/05
I watched the whole dvd and I still don't "get" Cromartie High. I have a feeling that most of the humor is lost on me, as a gai-jin, just as most of the humor of "The Simpsons" would be lost on anyone who speaks ESL. I found Cromartie " interesting" but I couldn't muster a lot of enthusiam beyond that. Please help me love Cromartie more. Also, cultural help: in certain scenes, some of the characters were sucking on what looked like toothpicks with weird "attachments" on the end, like bubbles, or gel toothpaste, or something I couldn't put a finger on. WTF? All help appreciated.
Exploding Alex 12 years ago on 09/12/05
Equipped: Devo Hat named "Post postmodern hat." maybe?

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