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News & For Sale “Doctor Who - "Rose"” by m1cnBot

m1cnBot 17 years ago on 03/28/05

Story Originally Posted By: Ayaka

Article PictureYes, many a sci-fi nerd may be face down in a pool of their own happy drool right now. I'll try not to drown.

Amberwolf 17 years ago on 04/01/05
This is actually a very good show. Anyone that gets a chance to see it should do so immediately.

If you saw DW in the past and didn't like it, but you do like British offbeat humor/etc in general, you will likely enjoy this show.

I did not expect to like it based on what I had heard. I was quite wrong, and happily so!
Cromwell 17 years ago on 04/04/05
Equipped: Apple named "Hail Eris!"
If the thought of a new Dr. Who excites you, then this show was made for the classic who fan.

Next Ep: Dr. Who and Charles Dickens Vs. Ghosts!
Amberwolf 17 years ago on 06/13/05
Thread Necromancy-- Revive!!!

Anyone still not watching this show really needs to get with it! It's really good, especially given what I expected out of it!

As an aside, in watching the Doctor Who Confidential #12, I saw many people I know get to be on British TV! They showed a bit of footage from the last GallifreyOne convention in L.A., which unfortunately I could not attend (if I had, perhaps I would have been able to make a TV appearance, as I did in a British magazine, once--so I hear, as I've never seen the thing myself).

Interesting in that unlike many Trek coverage shows, which make light of the fans, the Doctor Who coverage honors the fans.

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