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Gen. Chat “Call-ins” by Hunky Dory

Tess the Meanie 4 years ago on 06/10/12
Equipped: Servbots named "Huey, Louie, and whatever."
He might not read this, but SQQQQQ...
I really appreciate you fully talking to me wonderfully while I drunk dial you.
Yvaine 4 years ago on 06/17/12
Equipped: Bento Box
Calling in jennyfur, Seoul Brother, Operator, Ic0n67, & Dirk Gently for coming out and giving me the most fantastic birthday I've had in years. Oh and the batman shotglasses. Absolutely awesome.

And calling out especially Britishly Delicious, for flying out here for said birthday and giving me cider, chocolates, and body wash called "It's Raining Men" which is absolutely fitting for my ass.
jadium 4 years ago on 06/24/12

I know we only met six months ago, and neither of us even remembered until two days ago, but I love you, man.
Ryan the Lion 4 years ago on 06/26/12
Equipped: Radtaculous Glove of POWWWEER named "Knife-proof bionic hand!"
I'd like to call in everyone who dropped me a line over the past few days telling me they missed me and hoping that I got well soon. It really meant a lot of you all to take the time to wish me well and kept me from being too bummed about missing BC and being bedridden during most of my vacation.
Bad Wolf 4 years ago on 07/07/12
Equipped: Sigil From Ed Elric's Coat named "Equivalent Exchange"
I want to call in Katy and Ross for being super awesome friends. They treated me to sushi and a movie and got me out of my apartment so I could keep my mind off my broken heart and all the other stressful shit that's been putting me into mega depression mode. Thank you, guys, you're the best. <3
The happy sausage artist 4 years ago on 07/09/12
Equipped: Technique scroll: "Flying Glomp"
I want to call in all the people that made my visit to Cali awesome.

Katy first because she was my place to stay and driver and connection to Cali peoples. She was the reason this trip happened.

Next is Liz, made my Friday alot more eventfull and got me to see a movie I have been wanting to see for a while.

And last but not least the rest of the southern California/Los Angeles crew that I meet Saturday night. Great night of drinking, conversing, and meeting new friends and old ones at the same time. Jayden, tonnzy, Mercades, suit jamas, aahs Tim. Great people every one of you.
PS: Damn autocorrect
fukkake 4 years ago on 07/11/12
Equipped: Cockblast of Vengence named "Crotchfire!"
Calling in Jamie for filling my belly with awesome things and giving me some girly time! You da' best!
The Most Beautiful Girl 4 years ago on 07/21/12
Equipped: A Really Sharp Pointy Thing named "the king has been found"
Thanks to all of you who helped us save our cat Hobbes! We appreciate all the thoughts, prayers, and love you sent our way! We are happy to say that he is at 99% recovery, and he is running around with his brother Calvin like they own the place (which they do). They have to run a few more followup tests in the next few months, but they say he's doing great!

SUPER SPECIAL THANKS to the people who were super generous and contributed money to help us pay for some of the gigantic medical bill!

Phil, Meg & Cam, DomKat, Matt, Jesse, John & Steph, Quul, and of course Viv! You guys are awesome, and our hearts are filled with gratitude!

The vets said that if we had not brought him into the ER that night (as opposed to waiting for the clinic to open), he wouldn't have made it, so I'm overjoyed that he is healthy and back to his normal state (aside from a new diet).

Thank you all SO SO MUCH for helping us save our kitty!

A few side notes:

-John, we DID end up having to give him potassium pills, and it was a NIGHTMARE each time. SOOO glad that's over.

-I love how when someone would join the FB event for it, it would say "[insert person here] is going to Save Hobbes". awesome.

We love you guys! <3

Moderator Princess Shoujo Maiku Says:

Uppity Negress 4 years ago on 07/22/12
I know a million people have done this before, but I'm calling Sachi the FUCK in.

Last night was one of the hardest nights of my life with my aunt dying so suddenly after everyone telling us she would be okay. I couldn't show how I felt because I have suddenly found myself as the legal guardian of her two young daughters and I needed to be strong for them although I was falling apart inside. I actually broke down and cried in the McDonald's drive thru.

On my way to grieve with my family I get a call from my best friend. She's crying and hysterical and all I can get out of her is "I'm in the hospital, I got into an accident, they had to cut me out of my car." The line goes dead. I call her back numerous times and nothing. I panic. My aunt is trying to calm me down, but all I could think was that I just lost my favorite aunt and best friend in the same weekend at the same time. At this point, I have a melt down. It's all too much for me to handle and I spend the car ride sobbing and calling everyone I can think to call to call or find her, including her dad and grandma. I post on FB, hoping one of our friends in the ATL area may know more and get a call from Sachi. She talked to me and offered to call all the hospitals in Atlanta until she found her.

She did. She got me a hospital name and I was able to calm down and call her and know that she's okay. She shouldn't have survived, but she did.

Sachi, you're planning a wedding in TWO WEEKS but you took the time to call me and ask me how I'm feeling after losing someone close to me and being scared to death that I lost another. You are truly truly amazing girl and I know people say it all the time but I mean it so much. I'm tearing up a little just thinking of how relieved I was and I wanted everyone to know how amazing you are. Well. Remind them. Thank you so so so so much Sachi. I know I said it earlier but I couldn't say it enough. I don't know what I would have done if I'd spent the day worrying about her because I was a crying mess. Thank you, and I love you so so so much. <3

Moderator mheart Says:

Mac 4 years ago on 07/23/12
Equipped: Ticket for the Man Train
I wish I could mod ashley's post with an awesome pic because I have to also call in Sachi too!

After giving birth to our stillborn daughter back in May, she called me and left me a voicemail i still have saved on my phone. The pain in her voice as she lamented for our daughter touched me so much. She has been checking up on me every so often. She's an amazing friend!

Meg, you have been awesome in organizing what some mods surprised us with. We are incredibly greatful!

Ryan, you are amazing and I miss you tons.

Those who have reached out to express their support for us during this time, we greatly appreciate it.

Please dont hesitate to hesitate to talk about Vylah, and ask us about things. We need to talk about her.
mheart 4 years ago on 07/23/12
Equipped: Espionage Codec named "Don't call me for no reason! <3"
Sachiko is an absolute hero!!!
Mac 4 years ago on 07/23/12
Equipped: Ticket for the Man Train
Also, Jonastio and his wife! They came down for Vylah's memorial and fed us that night and have been checking up on us which we are ever so preciative for. They are an amazing couple of people!
The Most Beautiful Girl 4 years ago on 07/24/12
Equipped: A Really Sharp Pointy Thing named "the king has been found"
Wow you guys, all of you are amazing friends and you mean so much to me! I feel helpless and in pain when you all are in pain, and I want to do whatever I can to alleviate some of that and help out where I can. I know I can't make the pain go away, and I am so sorry that you're going through this, but I want you to know that I'm here for you with whatever you need because I love you ladies! I'm always thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers. (And Ash, I'm glad to know that your friend is okay!)

You have NO idea how much those posts mean to me. I have been going through a pretty rough couple of days where I've been getting beaten on left and right by people. One of which being my former bridesmaid (as of Sunday morning) who flipped out on me via text saying that she's not coming to the wedding and that I am "extremely rude, selfish, and a bridezilla" (after telling me she loved me on the phone 2 hours prior), and then she deleted me and everyone in the wedding party from facebook. She suffers from bi-polar disorder, but I have no idea what triggered this as it was really random, but it REALLY hurt me to even know that someone could feel that way about me. Throughout this whole wedding process, I've been accommodating to the needs of everyone involved in the wedding, and I thought she knew me better than that. I hope she doesn't mean that, but I can't get a hold of her to see what is wrong. I really hope she comes out of the emotional place that she's in, but with 11 days to go, all of this is really stressful (amongst all the other crazy things that have been going on.)

TL;DR: I've been beating myself up about a situation that I can't control, and it's driving me crazy, but it means a lot to know that my other friends don't view me that way. So, I'm calling you ladies in for lifting my spirits and reminding me that I'm not an awful person! I have met some truly strong and amazing people through this website, and I'm thankful to have you in my life <3
NekoStar 4 years ago on 07/31/12
Equipped: Pocket Link named "small but pleasing"
Calling in the cutest, sweetest, most thoughtful lady I know, the lovely Steph! She always makes sure to drop me a note when things have me in a funk, and it makes me feel so much better. Thank you girl!!!! <3
Hunky Dory 4 years ago on 08/05/12
My loving finacee for making an awesome bday cake for me.
PS: fiancee not finances
The Naniwa Tiger 4 years ago on 08/06/12
Equipped: Kato Mask named "More than meets the eye. Bruce Lee in disguse!"
Calliing in my groomsmen! Thank you Ree, Jesse, and Kellen for being my groomsmen, being in the wedding, and being a part of this fantastic weekend.

Calling in Vivian for being Sachi's bridesmaid, keeping her company throughout the week beforehand, and helping the bride keep her head straight and calm.

Calling in Bill for officiating the wedding. His first wedding as a matter of fact! Everything was smooth sailing. Wedding officiating cherry popped.

Calling in Varnia, Nika, Omar, Jared, Christina, Brian, Drin, SQ, Mark, Jose, Claire (even if we didn't see you), and anyone else that I'm forgetting off of the top of my head right now for coming to our wedding.

Calling in everyone else that wanted to come to the wedding but couldn't , yet did so in spirit. Thank you!

Calling in Otakubooty and John. I don't have enough words to express this sentiment, so I'll sum it up simply: thank you for connecting us and being there every step of the way.

Moderator Boudicca Says:

The Most Beautiful Girl 4 years ago on 08/06/12
Equipped: A Really Sharp Pointy Thing named "the king has been found"
Also calling in Tess, Lindze, and Allison for capturing some pretty special moments!!

Tess- Thanks for taking our engagement photos for us! We had so much fun! There ended up being a playground behind the reception venue, so we can put together some before and after pics!

Lindze and Allison- Thank you so much for making me SUPER SEXY and taking the most awesome bridal boudoir photos of me! It made a great present for the morning of, and I will definitely be ordering more! He LOVED them!!! You ladies are amazing!

Yvaine 4 years ago on 08/13/12
Equipped: Chicken & Waffles named "The bestest breakfast ever"
I'm calling in Dan for being a super awesome friend always and constantly accepting my upsetness and venting about my life. And for buying me a years sub so I can hang around with all of you fine people.

Jamie for being a serious guuuurl these past few months when I've been going through a tough time and self sabotaging my goals.

All of OB for just being so damn sexy. <3
team banzai 4 years ago on 08/14/12
Equipped: Gum's Helmet named "to prevent head injury...when I run you over"
Princess Shoujo Maiku 4 years ago on 08/14/12
Equipped: Embarassing Yaoi Fanfiction by LostDecoy named "The Adventures of Junun and Dio"
team banzai said:

Jesus Christ. Well played.

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