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Gen. Chat “New Year's Resolutions” by Dr. Moustache

Krissytokyo 6 years ago on 12/28/11
Equipped: Tentacle named "Rape me harder!"
November said:
-Fuck bitches. -Get money.
PS: Pimpin' ain't easy for a ho like me.

Mo money, mo problems.
Rexall 6 years ago on 12/28/11
Equipped: Totoro Plushie named "when i think of you...ooooh..."
Lord_BullGod said:
-Fuck bitches.
-Get money.

Dr. Moustache said:
-Lose weight
-Lose weight
-Lose weight
-Lose weight
Johnny Landmine 6 years ago on 12/28/11
Equipped: Devo Hat named "Effective non-streaking protection from Space Junk"
- Get really fat
- Be more of a dick to people
Lord Not-To-Fucked-With 6 years ago on 12/29/11
Equipped: Handcuffs named "i thought that my home was my castle"
-not gonna use my dick this year, but gonna use the balls fully.

-learn spanish
The Virgin Queen 6 years ago on 12/29/11
Equipped: Automail Arm named "Wanking Arm"
I don't want to say "lose weight" because I'm trying not to focus too much on numbers. Sooo...

- Get fit
- Get driving licence (I've procrastinated on this waaay too long)
- Get job
- Get social / meet some OBers
- Get at least $5k into a savings account
Mako 6 years ago on 01/02/12
Equipped: Smelly Sock named "Master has presented us with clothes!"
- Get my credit cards payed off and keep them that way
- Spend more time making crafts/art
- Buy a bicycle so I can ride it all over and get a sexy booty
- Have more sex!
Walter! 6 years ago on 01/02/12
Equipped: Apple named "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?"
-Keep up my good grades
-Go to the gym more
-Ride my bike around campus like one of them swank ass hipster kids
Zacalow 6 years ago on 01/02/12
Equipped: Go-Go Yubari's Ball named "Dagoosa Da'ball smasha'"
-Save Money
-Try to be less of an asshole
- Actually pay off dept
- Find reason to not do number 2
Slade xTekno 5 years ago on 01/01/13
Equipped: Home Pregnancy Test named "Awww, shit."
Bump. How'd you do on yours last year? What are they for this year?

me three years ago said:
Set a definite direction for my life.
Be more open with others about myself.
Get better about my procrastination.
- I will respond to emails, PMs, and the like when I receive them instead of putting them off for hours or days.
- I wi...

Made good progress on the first two. Still need a lot of work on procrastination.

This year:
Take steps to make singing a serious hobby. Practice voice a few times a week at home, outside choir. Look for chances to perform.
Hit 165lbs.
Get into a grad school on the east coast.
Learn to at least procrastinate more productively.
domminess 5 years ago on 01/01/13
Equipped: Box of Crayons named "I FREAKING LOVE COLORING"
Play as much Cards Against Humanity as is humanly possible.
Mr. Francis York Morgan 5 years ago on 01/01/13
Equipped: Sword named "Sword that Cleaves Through Evil!"
Eat a fig.
Get my license.
Visit somewhere outside the east coast.
Get a new job.
Boudicca 5 years ago on 01/01/13
Equipped: Lightsaber named "I AM the Dark Side, Motherfuckers!!"
Lord_BullGod said:
-Fuck bitches.
-Get money.

Boudicca said:
-Fuck bitches.
-Get money.

Re-upping for relevance.
Darth Gnosis 5 years ago on 01/01/13
Equipped: JEDI DICK named "Wanna watch Star Wars and feel the Force?"
- Re-dedicate myself to learning the guitar and learn to play at least one song
- Driver's license
- Drop some poundage
- Be more responsible financially
Yvaine 5 years ago on 01/01/13
Equipped: Chicken & Waffles named "The bestest breakfast ever"
-get a job that doesn't suck.
-lose weight
-do things that make me happy
-be happy
Deathwing 5 years ago on 01/01/13
Equipped: Sword named "NEEDS MORE DRAGONS"
-Work on every project as if it were my own, regardless of how I feel about the project leader.
PS: *As hard as if it were my own
Boudicca 5 years ago on 01/01/13
Equipped: Lightsaber named "I AM the Dark Side, Motherfuckers!!"
Serious answer : Expanding my social circle.
Laurette 5 years ago on 01/01/13
Equipped: Triforce named "DANANANA NA NA NANANA"
Learn something new.

Try to write something each week, be it a puzzle, a journal, a short story, or something.

Keep saving.

start and stick to bodyweight routine

eat like I'm supposed to.
Madam GMILF 5 years ago on 01/01/13
Equipped: Kato Mask named "Ha! Now I am incognito!"
I was going to work on being less of a klutz but I just dropped a vacuum cleaner on my foot :-(

- beef up on programming languages

- pay more attention to nutrition and exercise

- get paying gigs
John Booty 5 years ago on 01/01/13
Equipped: Sparkledonkey's Gallbladder
I don't feel these are resolutions in the traditional "set unrealistic goals on Jan. 1" sense. More like things I'm going to continue to work on.

- Current job is okay and I'm luckier than most but I'm going to work my ass off to move to a position that's a better fit. Fuck it... life's too short and you have to spend most of it making money. Should enjoy those hours as much as possible.

- Do more "me" stuff. Please others less.

- Work on my book. It's a tech book; nothing exciting. But it's one piece of the puzzle to get me closer to where I want to be, and it's also a lifetime goal. I'm going to self-publish it.

- Walk a few miles a day (easy when you have a dog and have to take at least a couple of walks anyway) and do 25-50 pushups a day.

- Get the OB API functional, work on OB mobile / OB web. (Yes, this has been making slow-but-steady progress... hehe)
fukkake 5 years ago on 01/02/13
Equipped: Cockblast of Vengence named "Crotchfire!"

- Revamp the way I look at food so I can seriously start making great choices for my body.

- Go to PT for my knees to try and strengthen the muscles so I can start running.

- Get down & crafty. It is time to use the creativeness that I have to make something of myself.

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