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Gen. Chat “New Year's Resolutions” by Dr. Moustache

Slade xTekno 8 years ago on 01/01/10
Equipped: Hentai DVDs named "John Booty and Stuntcock in: "Plantation Style""
Set a definite direction for my life.
Be more open with others about myself.
Get better about my procrastination.
- I will respond to emails, PMs, and the like when I receive them instead of putting them off for hours or days.
- I will do a task immediately if I know it can be done in two minutes or less.
machibunny 8 years ago on 01/01/10
Equipped: Domo-Kun
This year I hope to:
- eat better
- clean out and redecorate the apartment
- finish all the costumes I've started
Kerridwynne 8 years ago on 01/01/10
Equipped: Horse Weiner named "Ph33r t3h w31n3r!"
- Pay off smaller bills
- Draw more
- Maybe take up running to firm up my flabby thighs
- Try to be less of a recluse
AngelMeatPie 8 years ago on 01/02/10
Equipped: Ein Plushie named "STFU"
-Continue to lose weight.
-Graduate college already.
-Move somewhere that isn't Lexington, KY.
Johnny Landmine 8 years ago on 01/02/10
Equipped: Devo Hat named "Effective non-streaking protection from Space Junk"
I would also like to see how long I can go without lying in any sense under any circumstances.
PS: Excepting obvious jokes/fakeposting, of course.
SailorJoon 8 years ago on 01/02/10
Equipped: The Auryn
- Exercise more
- Spend less
- Be nicer (I was a bitch on new year's eve. That doesnt count tho right? New year and all, clean slate...)
Momoko 8 years ago on 01/02/10
Equipped: Foreigner Belt... ROCK!
I am trying to quit smoking. Doing an OK job so far ...
spearofinfluence 8 years ago on 01/02/10
- lose about 20 pounds
- get back into cycling after my ankle injury (this will help with the first one)
- work on designing my pen-and-paper game every damn day
- finish at least ten issues of my comic book before the end of the year
- attending a con with my gf would be nice!

I'm willing to take a break from these for a few days, on account of my being incredibly sick. I'm calling mulligan.
Dusty Pockets 8 years ago on 01/03/10
Equipped: N00dz of Violence_Jack-chan named "Communing with Onan. BBL."
This year I resolve to quit being so goddamn lazy and finish what I start, regardless of what it is. If I make a goal I need to finish it in a timely manner.
fangy 8 years ago on 01/03/10
Equipped: Alucard's 454 Casull named "Clown Murker"
I am trying to increase my skill at guitar playing. So my resolution is to practice as much as possible, at least an hour a day. I can already play well, it's all just fine-tuning, speed exercises, scales/keys, sweep picking, etc. at this point. Imagine what I could do with a 365 hours of dedicated practice.
visuophile 8 years ago on 01/03/10
Equipped: MC Hammer Pants. Please, don't hurt 'em!
- Have a job lined up for the end of my 1-month field placement.
- Lose at least 20 pounds by end of year
diesnefastus 8 years ago on 01/03/10
Equipped: All-New, Portable, Take-Anywhere Llama named "Carmine"
I resolve to get a driver's license because the motorists of Michigan's roadways have had it too easy for too long.
Kurenai 8 years ago on 01/03/10
Equipped: Angel Wings named "ripped straight off the back of Gabriel"
- keep going to a yoga class continuously throughout the year without huge gaps of absences.
- work on spending less money so I can (somehow!) afford to move to wherever I can find a decent job in the world.
Vlak 8 years ago on 01/03/10
Equipped: Menchi Loaf named "Who's a furry ration?! Yes you are!"
- Get back into fencing practice regularly
- Place in at least 1 open tournament this year
- Beat Kimura at practice at least once before summer.
- (if I didn't pass it the first time) Pass the JLPT 1.
- Apply to grad school.
dr_z 8 years ago on 01/04/10
Equipped: Horse Weiner
eliminate 85% of what I own
be more proactive in my career
be more fiscally responsible/up my credit score
Mako 8 years ago on 01/04/10
Equipped: Your very own cow
Save more money
Get this credit card payed off
Give a fuck about trying to get a teaching position
pamelaNeko 8 years ago on 01/04/10
Equipped: Devo Hat named "uncontrollable urge!"
I'm going to be more picky about who I sleep with in 2010
mheart 8 years ago on 01/04/10
Equipped: Bukkake Bucket named "Love Butter Eggnog"
Get organized to the point where I don't feel lost in a mental to-do list and nothing's sitting on my brain. I'm using a system of lists now (by location) and it's helped a lot so far!
xxxholic 8 years ago on 01/04/10
Equipped: Ramune Bottle Broken From Frustration named "How about I cut your ass, bitch?"
-Spend less/ save more
-Develop a more organized approach to lesson planning
-Be more patient with people
-Train for a marathon
-Take dance classes
LeeChan 6 years ago on 12/23/11
Equipped: Keys to the Pussy Wagon named "My name is Buck, and I came to cook duck."
I'm going to continue to take better care of my finances, because this year I've done a great job at starting!

I want to support local stores even more than I currently am. I will try to buy all of my produce over the summer from local sources.

I will go to my studio at least once a week if not more.

I'm going to dance more. Either take zumba classes, go out to dance clubs, anything to get my heart rate up while doing something I love.

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