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Gen. Chat “Getting small! (OB not-quite-so-fat thread)” by A Study in Pink

nategri 3 years ago on 09/14/14
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a dude a while ago said:
Also STOP CUTTING CARBS: your brain and nervous system can only be fueled by glucose, and having your body turn amino acids into glucose if a quick way to lose lean muscle and organ tissue.

I'll never say low carb is for everyone but it IS for some people, and I'm one of them. Been on the diet 23 months now with an overall loss of about 90 pounds that's been stable since I hit minimum in about July 2013.

Also PLS NOTE that fat-metabolism is the main thing (and the whole reason you bother with low-carb) that happens when you stop using glucose. Believe me it is an agonizing adjustment (headaches, weakness), but one that's easy to maintain once you're through it in a few 10s of days.

A recent study showed that low-carb dieters had IMPROVED lean muscle mass. And you know what I'm just gonna let this NYT article do my talking for me:
PS: You know what apologies in advance, but I'm gonna crank up the curmudgeon for a second:

Nutritional science is fuckin disappointing right now. And by extension, so are many nutritionists. It's difficult to get two studies to say the same thing, the facts remain tenuous, and meanwhile some of these 'professionals' stomp around like the human diet is a completely solved-the fuck-problem while millions are obese and stuck with metabolic disorders despite all this brilliant advice.

Just based on empirical evidence, this shit is BROKEN and these people have no idea how to fix it. All these studies that are everywhere, all over the map, every year, point to two options: Either the research done in this field is 100% pathological and they're stuck in some shitty gear that turns out endless bunk science, OR... the optimized diet varies WILDLY from person to person based on a number of genetic and psychological factors. The best (and admittedly most exhausting) option at this point is to just keep your mind open, consider all the dietary theories available, and find something that works for YOUR physiology and psychology. Leave nothing off the table, and explore every avenue. And yeah, this will take years, and you will probably fail. A LOT. Hang in there.

It sucks but until we have some new more fundamental theory of human nutrition that's how it's gotta be.
Bad Wolf 3 years ago on 09/17/14
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I'm under 190 for the first time in many, many, many years. I haven't been able to get under 195 for the longest, so this is just awesome.

I'm losing about 2 lbs a week on average still, so here's hoping I can be a good 10 lbs lighter before I go to Japan so I can totally fit into the tiny Japanese lady clothes I see when I go there.
Pudduh 3 years ago on 09/20/14
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Haven't checked my weight but I've been cycling loads. Roughly 20-35 miles a week including a marathon 14 mile ride to work this week :)

One of the joys of having a City run bike hire scheme is that when the mass transit system breaks down and you need to get to that bar all your mates are hanging out in quickly, you can jump on a Boris Bike - what we call BIXI or CitiBikeNYC in London - and zoom that way.

Its amazing how two legs and two wheels solve a lot of problems.
Creepy Stalker 3 years ago on 09/20/14
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