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Site Issues “Private Forum leaks (and possibly being tracked)” by Jkid

tachikoma 8 years ago on 08/27/10
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Um, no, Moonage Daydram. Justin's point is totally legit.

Prank or not, this was totally malicious, and a severe breach of privacy. The whole point of Trick Roll is that it's PRIVATE so people feel comfortable posting stuff like Jkid did.

What is the point of having a PRIVATE forum if some douchebag can get away with reposting stuff it public?

I think SQ should absolutely be banned. If he didn't forsee that his "prank" would devastate Jkid's feelings, he's an idiot.
PS: And yes, he was demodded, but it's not like him being a mod was what gave him access to do this shitty thing to Jkid. Personally, it makes me uncomfortable that he can still read Trick Roll or other private forms.
Designated Driver 8 years ago on 08/27/10
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Around Snacks, never relax.
Johnny Landmine 8 years ago on 08/27/10
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This discussion has already been thoroughly Had by the people whose input it concerns.
Jkid 8 years ago on 08/27/10
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Starfire said:

Why haven't the others come forward publicly?
What made you think this was a good idea?

The other people who was involved in the stunt were 4chan mods that were attending Otakon 2010. One of the 4chan mods actually encouraged SQ to assist in the prank. The 4chan mod, which I know, actually directed the stunt, SQ was his pawn. I'm getting to the bottom of this personally myself to see what was really going on. I can't reveal my methods yet, but the truth will come out in a big way.

To be honest Starfire, having SQ being demodded is punishment enough.

Ratnax 8 years ago on 08/27/10
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Christine, JKid posted the same thing on 4chan. This wasn't an OB joke. This was not the same as reposting a FOP. This was the same as reposting a picture on 4chan that just so happened to also be a FOP.

But anyway, Johnny said it best.
fukkake 8 years ago on 08/30/10
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I love how people think that shit doesn't get handled around here.

Relax man.
Nowhere Man 8 years ago on 08/30/10
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It's not that I don't think shit isn't getting done, I feel the punishment of de-modding SQ wasn't quite on par with what he helped orchestrate. But hey, JKid is cool with it so whatever.
tachikoma 8 years ago on 09/01/10
Equipped: Leg Upgrade: "High Jump Boots" named "JumpJump Boots"
In retrospect, I shouldn't have said anything because a. I wasn't there, b. didn't know the full details, and c. am not a mod. (Thanks for filling me in tho Pat).

This thread just really pissed me off because I can't stand it when people are bullied for no reason. But I'm glad that Jkid's okay now and that the situation has been handled appropriately. :)

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