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News & For Sale “Let the iPod rumors BEGIN!!!!” by m1cnBot

m1cnBot 13 years ago on 10/08/04

Story Originally Posted By: Bluefirecracker

Can you smell it in the air kids? Ah.. it's fall, and time for the electronics Christmas shopping season rumor mill to hit it's fever pitch! The next wave involves the iPod, and rumors of iPod crap are always fun. So let's take a peek at the newest wave of rumors, shall we?

1st - there's been talk for months now about Apple buying a huge number of Toshiba's newest line of 60GB mini drives. This seems to me to be a real thing - besides the ink on the damn sales receipt. But anyway, an even bigger iPod just makes sense.

2nd - the new 60GB iPods will have color screens and will work with iPhoto. Hmm... maybe, maybe not... the new 2" screen will supposedly have a much higher definition and clarity than the current one

3rd - the 60GB iPods will have audio/video-out capabilities?? Now... good idea as far as getting it to your stereo, and if the iPhoto thing is correct, well then you could plug you iPod into the TV and bore your friends with images of your last birthday, or party, whatever.

The price for the upgraded iPod will fit neatly into the $499 niche vacated by the 40GB model. Now... if only Apple would come out with their own PDA device.... ahh, someday.

Princess Shoujo Maiku 6 years ago on 03/14/12
Equipped: Rose Bouquet named "In honor of John And Steph on their Wedding."
If ONLY Apple came out with a PDA type device. Shit.
Float 6 years ago on 03/14/12
Equipped: Portable Campfire named "put it in your pocket and roast some weiners!"
They could give it a clever name too! Like "Newton" or something.

Moderator Tulip O'Hare Says:

DevCore 6 years ago on 03/14/12
Equipped: Box of Crayons named "do not eat, do not eat, do not eat"
I just want an updated iPod Classic. Don't care about the size or the touch screen functionality, just the capacity.
However navigating songs on my iPhone is much less dangerous while in the car than doing it on an iPod. Plus, the iPhone/iPod touch have the voice control which is nice, but using it really makes me feel douchey.
John Booty 6 years ago on 03/14/12
Equipped: Sparkledonkey's Gallbladder
DevCore said:
I just want an updated iPod Classic.

I keep thinking about how I'd like to do one of those mods where you put like a 120GB SSD into an iPod Mini.
Dr. Moustache 6 years ago on 03/29/12
Equipped: Cursed Videotape. Seven days starting.... NOW. named "The CockRing"
...Is 7 years the most impressive example of thread necromancy to date? Because it seems like it should be.

Meanwhile, I have a 160 gig iPod that I've had for years. It's 3rd gen original design, with the touchwheel. It works fine for my needs, but it has an annoying tendency to crash and need to be restarted. =(

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