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Pee Chat “What was your first screenname?” by tachikoma

Devi 10 years ago on 12/07/10
Equipped: Lawn Gnome named "Pablo"
My first username was like RatGirl13 because I had rats and liked the number 13. I think I was actually 13 at the time too. I used to go to pet chat rooms on some site.
The Most Beautiful Girl 10 years ago on 12/07/10
Equipped: Cockblast of Vengence named "I AM BILLY PARRISH!"
My first username was mariah_fanatic for MC CHAT, which was the only chatroom I ever went to before avchat. It was on Mariah Carey's official website. I think I still have a hotmail account for it.

My first screenname for AOL was "JCButterfly8876". Translation:

JC = JC Chasez from Nsync. I wanted him to be my baby' daddy.
Butterfly = (because of Mariah Carey and I love butterflies)
8876 = 8/8/76 (JC Chasez's birthday)

yeaaaaah, I was like 12. I was a ride or die chick for Mariah and Nsync.

and I still am.

Moderator such_brevity Says:

Nostalgia 10 years ago on 12/07/10
Equipped: Cursed Videotape. Seven days starting.... NOW. named "Cursed Videotape. Seven days starting.... NOW."
akabt88. I was 12ish at the time.
aka + initials + birth year.
Walter! 10 years ago on 12/07/10
Equipped: Apple named "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?"
Oh man, way before I even thought of making one up my mom and I shared an SN that I cannot begin to remember. That was a bit awkward, but my mom didn't want me having one of my own and getting internet molested. I think the first one I had by myself was angelfire+some numbers. I was super into Sailor Moon at the time and Mars was my favourite of the group. This was in 4th grade I think. Maybe two years later I changed it to WindRyder+some numbers because we'd read some book named Windrider and I liked the name. I changed it to Ryder to resemble an old family name.

I knew a girl in school who had something like 27 screen names. She collected them like nobody's business. If you were REALLY her friend you'd know all of them. I knew one.
Imaginos 10 years ago on 12/07/10
Equipped: A Really Sharp Pointy Thing
I was like 15 and went with Desdinova which i stole from a Blue Oyster Cult song. But I kept having people assume i was chick and hit on me.. SO I changed to Imaginos which i stole from the same band but got hit on less by guys.
PS: Until i got to OB anyway
Lord_BullGod 10 years ago on 12/08/10
Equipped: Triforce named "ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!"
In 1996, I was Tetsuo3333.

It was that or Yamcha3333.
Barney Stinson 10 years ago on 12/08/10
Equipped: Handcuffs named "For Police Chief Marth, controllin anime hooligans"
pretty sure it was LeonhartSQ
Mac 10 years ago on 12/08/10
Equipped: Ticket for the Man Train

Sparkle... cause I'm a big fag and didn't know it... or some future Twilight vamp

and ma because my initials are Melissa Ann...

However it soon was pronounced like Maw- as in short for Momma, and I hated it.

I think I then became Horizon Eyes.
Horse's Ass 10 years ago on 12/08/10
Equipped: Espionage Codec named "Major Tom, can you hear me?! Major Tom?"
Oddly enough it was "LennonBe"
Canada 10 years ago on 12/08/10
Equipped: Foreigner Belt... ROCK!
I think it was something like beepo302. On neopets. I have no idea why I would have chosen that name, it was probably the first thing that popped into my head.
Uppity Negress 10 years ago on 12/08/10
Equipped: Chicken & Waffles named "The Official Uppity Negress Breakfast"
Poohdear - My dad made it for me as my aol screen name. First one I ever made was AngelOfMercury86. Guess who my favorite sailor scout was?
fukkake 10 years ago on 12/08/10
Equipped: Cockblast of Vengence named "Crotchfire!"
...okay. Don't laugh.

Kurenai 10 years ago on 12/08/10
Equipped: Angel Wings named "ripped straight off the back of Gabriel"
MissMoon21 on AOL. I was in middle school and my boyfriend at the time knew I didn't have the net so he created that account for me and his was TuxedoMask-something-or-other. You can see why I was dating him at the time? Haha. Man, how corny. That was in, erm, 1996-7.

The first name I remember creating myself not long after was Sailor StarLight and then Kurenai (for my love of the X Japan song) which remains as one of my main usernames to this day.
Amanda 10 years ago on 12/08/10
Equipped: Comfy Pillow
my first aim was dctrevilo

my first screenname ever is some shitty chatroom was the worst fuckin thing


Mr. Francis York Morgan 10 years ago on 12/08/10
Equipped: Hi-Potion named "Let's T.C.B."
The OK TV Set, back around when AOL was first released. My parents introduced me to the internet early. I remember sitting on my mom's lap and talking about the X-Men with complete strangers.
LORD AWESOME 10 years ago on 12/08/10
Equipped: Issue of Newtype named "Same as the Oldtype."
I can't remember exactly when, but it had to be back in late middle school, maybe 7th or 8th grade, so probably around 1995. I can't remember what I went by on Compuserve or Prodigy, but my AOL SN was NeptuneNin, short for Neptune Ninja. Fanfic thing. You may be able to figure out what sort. Shut up.

People in chats kept asking me if I liked Nine Inch Nails, which I hadn't really discovered yet at that point outside and wouldn't until Quake came out.

I think vhoodoo was predominant for a while after that, a mix of voodoo and hoodoo (clearly). Ran around irc with that for a while before spending time on iamhappyblue as servbot and that eventually leading to permutations I still use today (servbot42, nekobun, keroneko, and strictmachine are all derivatives thereof/nods to).
PS: Aside: I am so fucking glad Geocities died, so that googling "neptune ninja" finally yields no embarassing results.
Al Paradise 10 years ago on 12/08/10
Equipped: Nevada Girl Hoodie named "smells legit"
HarryMason11 is the one I had the longest, I forget but I think I may have had one before. AOL.

Harry Mason rules!
visuophile 10 years ago on 12/09/10
Equipped: MC Hammer Pants. Please, don't hurt 'em!
Why? I have big eyes and also felt at the time I as an openminded individual. I was maybe 11 years old at the time. 87 is my birthyear.
Designated Driver 10 years ago on 12/09/10
Equipped: Hi-Potion
kyky87 - AIM, 1998
The Mad Bubbler 10 years ago on 12/09/10
Equipped: Chastity Belt named "Darth Vader Underoos"
TheMadBubbler... going back to the 90s, that's what I've used.

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