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Pee Chat “What was your first screenname?” by tachikoma

spinkle 10 years ago on 12/11/10
Equipped: JIF. (Choosy moms choose this) named "NAUGHTY JIF"
My first screen name was spinkle, circa 1993. But it's also been my nickname since 1990.
Emyrsian 10 years ago on 12/11/10
Equipped: Angel Wings named "+3 Fairy Wings of Ambidexterity"

Quijiki - the name that I came up with for a Chao in Sonic Adventure Battle 2.

Slayer - I was playing Golden Sun at the time, and when the earth adept was loaded up with Venus djinni, his class became 'Slayer',
Spiral Knight 10 years ago on 12/11/10
Equipped: Naruto Plushie named "Sad Panda"

Hell, I still use it sometimes.
Frito 10 years ago on 12/12/10
Equipped: Issue of Newtype
i was 12 or 13, the days of aol and prodigy. And I was TheFritoB because TheFritoBandito was too long.

PS: I still have my 7 digit icq number.
Ulyth 10 years ago on 12/12/10
Equipped: Kato Mask named "More than meets the eye. Bruce Lee in disguse!"
Billypp109 (1999) - My father gave it to me at random when I discovered the Internet.

Boiler_Demon (2000) - I was in seventh grade and Limp Bizkit's video for Boiler just came out. At the same time I was getting into mythology and demons and whatnot.

Ulyth (2004) - I had a role-playing website at one point for a good year before I didn't have time to run it anymore. My own character was called Ulyth_Asteri, The Reaper, which I got from a name generator. He was an intergalactic mercenary that wielded a tech scythe and could turn invisible. The character was based on concept art of the Elites from Halo.
OmNomCupcake 10 years ago on 12/18/10
I was like what... 16 or something? idk...
I had two screen names I remember having first...

and WickedX

then people started calling me Wikki, so that stuck
Boudicca 10 years ago on 12/18/10
Equipped: Lightsaber named "I AM the Dark Side, Motherfuckers!!"
I've always been Logan.

J-Rock 10 years ago on 12/19/10
Equipped: Dante's Ebony+Ivory named "OB's biggest mistake!"

WBS circa 1997
Cougar Meat 10 years ago on 12/19/10
Equipped: Semi-Offensive Engrish T-Shirt
Hmm I can't pinpoint it exactly, I was a little late to the game.

I think if I remember correctly it was sometime around early 2000s I made my first AIM account. think it was

Roxxors 13 - A play on the whole "roxxors your boxxors, that rox/roxxors, putting x in normal words /etc" Was probably somewhere around 12/13.
Business Mouse 10 years ago on 12/24/10
Equipped: Hentai DVDs
I know I had Qtee007 for the longest time since I was in high school... I think I had aol name Kalinda something or other because I was a jr. High "novelist" and my main character had this name. And I was completely awesome and made my first AIM friend whose sn was Tekkaman88. It was awesome stuff.

Ivellios 10 years ago on 12/25/10
Equipped: Hentai DVDs named "Koyuki breaks a g-string."
gohan8504 - Gohan is self-explanatory. 8504 was from the screen name suggestions since Gohan was taken. I still use 8504 at the end of some usernames for some odd reason. Oh and this was for my free Juno account. That's right...Juno.
fangy 10 years ago on 12/25/10
Equipped: Alucard's 454 Casull named "Clown Murker"
Until after high school, I never did anything with computers, chatrooms, nothing. At that point I was already in my old band and had been given the nickname of Fangy. So since the summer of 2002 I've always used Fangy as my username for anything.
Major G 10 years ago on 12/25/10
Equipped: Flux Capacitor named "GREAT SCOTT!!"
Starks4a3: Because to quote myself from then, "John Starks is the best basketball player to ever touch a basketball." AOL, c.1995/1996

DenzelWJr: My mom had my previous name deleted, and I wanted to get ladies just like Denzel did. AOL, c.1996

The_Chunkmeister: While I was at Embry-Riddle's flight camp, I'd gotten the nickname "Chunks," and "Chunks" was either already taken or too short. Hotmail/MSN, c.1996

TinManInACan: I had picked up the nickname "Tin Man" in middle school and hated living in MD, which I felt kept me "canned-in." AOL, c.1996-1998

Goku Jr 25: Somehow the previous name had gotten away from me (deletion, hacked, I don't remember). At this point, Phil & the rest of the TV geeks had introduced me to DBZ & I was a BIG Goku fan. 25 was my number from JV football. AOL/AIM, 1998-present

...and that's just the '90s.
seggs 10 years ago on 12/25/10
Equipped: All-New, Portable, Take-Anywhere Llama named "Tina"
my first screen name was chosen by my dad because i was only 12 when we first got AOL. so my log-in was "spseagle". my initials are sps, and i was a boy scout at the time. also the eden prairie high prairie high school mascot is an eagle.

the first screen name i chose for myself was in 95, early freshman year in high school. got it for AIMer. "SeggsGhettofyre"
real mclovin' 10 years ago on 12/26/10
My first screen name was also chosen by seggs' dad.

umaburk 10 years ago on 12/26/10
Equipped: Fire Flower named "joe versus the volcano ... and the hurricane"
By mistake, my first screen name was Account Settings.
PS: I've got a screen shot of Logan's first account with her trusty screen name:
Beltane 10 years ago on 12/27/10
Equipped: Hide (Leopard Hat Ver.) named "He's not really dead, he's just resting!"
I've only had two screen names since I got my first PC thirteen years ago. My first screen name.

My first screen name was Rikdom, after the mobile suit from Gundam. It lasted only about a year or so. Beltane70, or Beltane if the name isn't already taken has been my screen name ever since.
Laurette 10 years ago on 12/27/10
Equipped: Map to Secret Ninja Hideout named "Obviously its not all that secret"
My first screen name was made when I was like, 9 or 10 and was Speshulwun2007. I kept this for a while and then changed to Fireylilbabydoll on Neopets (oh god I hate myself) and at 12-13 a friend decided my new nickname was Spooky because of the paleness and I used Spooky4444 to join a Penn & Teller fan forum and made friends with this girl there whom had her own site with fan fiction and in order to write a few things for her site (god help me i wrote fan fiction stories about magicians) i needed a last name and so "SpookyGhoul" was born and is still my AIM name because I'm lazy, though everything new I sign up for is Laurette and LauretteOB
yuushi 10 years ago on 12/28/10
Equipped: Most Amazing Thing Ever!!!! named "What Is and What Should Never Be"
Kev said:
Pylon. I thought it was a cool word. I roleplayed online in WBS chatrooms where I was mocked for being like... fucking 12 or whatever. First time I used it was in a Z100 chatroom in like... 1995 or '96 or something.

I thought it was "Kev-chan"? XD

Mine was "yuushi747" on AOL.

Still use "yuushi" because it's a sort of Japanese translation of my name, "Dustin"

Dustin = "Valiant Fighter"
yuushi = "Hero"

In other words, I'm huge fucking nerd.

And the 747 was just because I thought I needed a number for a screenname and I had flown on a 747 not long before that.
momomomocide 4 years ago on 12/03/16
Equipped: Shark With Frickin' Laser named "Bernie Sanders"
I am having a conversation about my first day ever on the internet and searched my old screen name, and this thread came up in the google results. I'm cracking up.

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