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News & For Sale “Carnegie Hero Fund” by Chrispy

Chrispy 9 years ago on 12/17/10
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In light of the awful stories we hear in this News forum I wanted to post this link to amazing heros in our society. The Carnegie Hero Fund attempts to award those civilian heroes or the families of heroes who died while saving other people's lives.

The candidate for an award must be a civilian who voluntarily risks his or her life to an extraordinary degree while saving or attempting to save the life of another person. The rescuer must have no full measure of responsibility for the safety of the victim. There must be conclusive evidence to support the act's occurrence, and the act must be called to the attention of the Commission within two years.

I was listening to a RadioLab episode on NPR and the spokesperson from the fund said that today the are actually making the rules for submission harder since they receive so many hero submissions every year.

I urge you all to take a moment and read these uplifting stories ever everyday people. And when you're done you can listen to this episode of RadioLab:
Oshi 9 years ago on 12/17/10
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The Carnagie Award is not necessarily awarded to someone who dies in an act of heroism, but the foundation provides assistance to the dependants of one who does.

I know this because my dad has one, and he's very much alive...

Well, unless they changed it to posthumous-only make it harder
Chrispy 9 years ago on 12/17/10
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No, you're right, most of the heroes are still alive. However it's amazing to me that they award posthumous to the surviving family.
PS: What I love and hope that anyone who reads this comes away with is that heroes aren't born or forged. No one comes into this world labeled "Hero." Heroes can be everyday people who happen to be in the right place and at a moment they make a decision to risk their lives to save a stranger.
Boudicca 9 years ago on 12/18/10
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Wow. Thanks for posting this Chris. Everyone should read these inspiring stories and just really think about them. The heroes who saved children from drowning or helped pull someone out of a burning car are touching enough, but a few of these people blew my mind by taking on armed assailants and running into burning buildings to save people they didn't even know.

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