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Nerd Shit “Hey OB, whatcha playin” by A Study in Pink

Zordon 8 years ago on 01/19/11
Equipped: John Booty Plushy named "Queen of Poopflowers"
PC - Dragon Age
360 - Fallout: New Vegas
Spiral Knight 8 years ago on 01/19/11
Equipped: Naruto Plushie named "Sad Panda"
I'm rocking out in Black ops and Lost planet right now.
Deebo 8 years ago on 01/19/11
Equipped: Chicken & Waffles named "THAT'S IT!!"
It's been a toss up between Fist of the North Star and Super Street Fighter 4. Both are for the 360.
Lumberjack 8 years ago on 01/19/11
Equipped: Servbots named "Manny, Moe and Jack"
I'm in the middle of too many games right now, so to name a few:
- Aban Hawkins and the 1000 Spikes (XBLA Indie game)
- Fallout: New Vegas (360)
- Mass Effect 2 (360)
- Epic Mickey (Wii)

I highly suggest that any platform game enthusiasts give Aban Hawkins a try.
The Virgin Queen 8 years ago on 01/19/11
Equipped: Automail Arm named "Wanking Arm"
Shamwow said:
Waiting for EVE online to patch so I can play with the new character creator, and messing around with Darkstalkers in the meantime

How are you liking the new creator? Doesn't it look so snazzy? :D
Earendil25 8 years ago on 01/19/11
Equipped: Ein Plushie
Second play thru of Darkening: River of time at the moment.
True Warsaint 8 years ago on 01/19/11
Equipped: Naruto Plushie named "Second Base is my Favorite"
The Kareem of Wheat said:
Currently juggling Dragon Age, Borderlands, and Dead Space.

I'm staying wet for dead space 2 with plenty of StarCraft 2, specially since this little diddy--

needless to say the carnage of sc2 can't compare but, till the 25th I guess.
Richard Wrinkletips 8 years ago on 01/19/11
Equipped: Toothbrush named "Finn, Jake & The Jiggler's Toothbrush Dance"
The massive buying spree I went on during the Steam Holiday sale hilarious marked my lack of time for video games.
That being said, I finally beat Super Meat Boy the other day, which is so much better (when it was already amazing) now that I've got a controller to play it on.
I also recently played a good bit of Time Fcuk, an old flash game by one of the dudes who made SMB
Earendil25 8 years ago on 01/19/11
Equipped: Ein Plushie
Earendil25 said:
Second play thru of Darkening: River of time at the moment.

Of course I meant Drakensang
Moonage Daydream 8 years ago on 01/19/11
Equipped: Link's Boomerang named "I wish I knew how to quit you"
Donkey Kong Country Returns is pissing me right the fuck off but I can't stop playing it. But really? A whole region of mine cart levels? Levels that take 30 lives to memorize all the jumps perfectly? Levels where every platform you can land on crumbles in three seconds?
ChaosThorn 8 years ago on 01/19/11
Equipped: Lightsaber named "The Overcompensator"
Xbox360- Tekken 6, CoD: Black Ops
PS3- Uncharted 2, AC: Brotherhood, Dragon Age Ultimate Edition
PC- Baldur's Gate 2!!!
Major G 8 years ago on 01/19/11
Equipped: Flux Capacitor named "GREAT SCOTT!!"
Put down Fallout: New Vegas and Gran Turismo 5 - picked Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 back up. F___ the haters: 90+ hours on X360, & 90+ hours on PS3 = 180+ hrs total. The only other games I've ever logged that many hours on are Pokemon titles.
Realityczech 8 years ago on 01/19/11
Equipped: Vash's Gun named "Do you know how to play Russian Roulette?"
PC- Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Fallout 3, Borderlands, and Baldur's Gate 2
PS3: Bayonetta
360: Fable II
Senator Hideki 8 years ago on 01/20/11
Equipped: Angel Wings named "Hey... they fit!"
Way too much Starcraft II (yes, still) and my first pure Renegade run through ME1 (to be followed by ME2 with that character).

Which means I'm basically ignoring my stack of PS3 games. My PS3 has basically just been turned into a Netflix hosting box to stream movies and TV onto my new Plasma.

There's something super wrong with me.
Major Tom 8 years ago on 01/20/11
Equipped: Espionage Codec named "C'mon, Snake, don't call me for no reason <3"
I've been playing a lot of old games in our retro room lately. On the Genesis I've been playing Rocket Knight Adventures, Sonic & Knuckles, and breakin' some backboards with KARL MALONE in NBA JAM!

On the N64 I started another playthrough of Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, which is probably the best game ever made for that system, although you'd never guess it from playing it. I Also pulled out Perfect Dark, but I have to relearn my slick moves so I don't keep dyin' so much.

And, as always, I'm playing some Rock Band. I recently downloaded the Creedence Clearwater Revival pack, which is like 12 songs and AWESOME.
Andrew 8 years ago on 01/20/11
Equipped: All-New, Portable, Take-Anywhere Llama named "With one of these, alpaca mean punch!"
EVE Online, Dragon Quest IX

Been playing both for months. All further games must fit this rhyming scheme. Sorry, TITS.
hitsu 8 years ago on 01/20/11
Equipped: Alucard's 454 Casull named "Let's fight like gentlemen.."

IIDX 18: Resort Anthem

might pick up little big planet 2 this week.. but time is scarce and those games manage to kill endless amounts of it
FiZ 8 years ago on 01/21/11
Equipped: Bottle of Ramune
Recently stopped playing: WoW Cataclysm
Soon to start playing: Rock Band 3 (with the MIDI guitar)
Would like to finish playing: Dragon Age
Would like to actually start playing: Portal. Yes, I've never played Portal despite the fact that it's been sitting in my Steam library for months.

Though, most of this depends on how much overtime and photography I have to do.
Snark 8 years ago on 01/23/11
Equipped: Hentai DVDs named "Back Door Sluts 9"
Civilization 5 I'm conquering the world from the very beginning.
DoomMonky 8 years ago on 01/23/11
Equipped: Gun With Exploding Bullets named ".75 Ceres pattern Bolt Pistol"
Our LAN game list this weekend:

Alien Swarm
Bloodline Champions
Company of Heroes
CS: Source

and some really old classics from our LANing past:

Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

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