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Gen. Chat “Thread for OB Parent-advice!” by Lindze

Lindze 6 years ago on 03/17/12
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Ive READ that banging their head is fairly common but it sounds horrible to me! I dont know what I would do if my kid did that. seriously, I just feel so lucky sometimes. I know thats not helpful at all, though. Im sorry you have to deal with that, Steph! (even if its just occasionally)
Tender Roni 6 years ago on 03/17/12
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Bella didn't bang her head but she would make a fist and hit her head with rage. She would bite her own arm too. Her pre-school teacher was so concerned that she called me and I told her that she had done that before. Bella only did it for a short time (maybe about 2 months). She was a late talker so I think she would get so frustrated when we couldn't understand what she wanted that she would hurt herself. We would talk to her with a calm soothing voice and kiss her where she hurt herself and that calmed her down and I think let her know that we were sad that she was hurting herself. Steph, is your nephew not talking a lot? Does he have a sibling close in age?
fukkake 6 years ago on 03/17/12
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He has an older sister. Arianna is 2 1/2 years older then Nicholas but she never did anything like that. She used to scream at the top of her lungs until she made herself sick but never banged her head. Which I guess is equally terrible. She has dropped that habbit now but with the little one he seems to be getting worse. Nicholas was a late talker and he talks now but man... I can't understand most things that kid ever says.

So I guess it makes sense.
Tender Roni 6 years ago on 03/17/12
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Yeah and sometimes the younger kid feel like they don't want to share the spotlight. They are little pressure cookers at 2yrs old, heck even Bella gets so frustrated so fast and has major attitude. Kids will test and try you to see how far they can take it with the drama and I think you guys are doing the best and just letting him cool down until the Hulk moment is over. Phases like these seem like they will never end but they do :)
Creepy Stalker 6 years ago on 03/17/12
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Horse's Ass 6 years ago on 03/18/12
fukkake said:

He has an older sister. Arianna is 2 1/2 years older then Nicholas but she never did anything like that. She used to scream at the top of her lungs until she made herself sick but never banged her head. Which I guess is equally terrible. She has...

Arianna use to talk?

Moderator fukkake Says:

LostDecoy 5 years ago on 07/08/12
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I'm glad you asked this question because I'm pretty much in the same boat and am freggin' CLUELESS!

Considering I may be an aunt in the future since my sister is trying to adopt...know this can be years, but I gotta be mentally prepared.
Boudicca 5 years ago on 07/08/12
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This is so refreshing and awesome! When uma and I had our first all our single friends bolted because we became the 'family' and either weren't cool enough to hang out with anymore or weren't as carefree because we had real responsibilities and couldn't just go out on a whim.

Just BEING there is the best thing you can do and shows you are a true friend. Believe me, your friends with little ones will have people ditch them and seeing you stick around will be a huge deal even if they never say it.

The best things are visiting and hanging out when the parents need to be home with baby. Most valuable/helpful thing is watching the baby so the parent can go use the bathroom or get a shower. If the baby is really small, offer to sit with the baby while the parent takes a nap. These are really little things but being able to have 15 minutes alone in a bathroom is priceless when your baby is small.

Worst thing you can do? Telling the parent how they are chained to the house now and can't go out with friends anymore. They know they've lost some mobility.

Try to be patient if they need to bitch about 'baby stuff.' There's a lot of stuff involved in day to day tasks when raising a baby and griping about how this one store doesn't have the right diapers or setting up doctor appts being a pain may not be in your domain but they don't want you to solve the problem, just listen.

Yvaine 5 years ago on 07/08/12
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Seriously the best thing when I was a new mom was having people willing to watch Joey so I could take a shower that lasted more than 2 minutes.

The worst thing is the "well my mom/dad tried x with me why don't you try it on your kid cause obviously it'll work".

Just being an ear really. Kids are stressful, times out are rare, ect.
Kirei the Klown 5 years ago on 09/04/12
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I have a question!

I am starting a new job in a little over a month, and we will be trekking from Green Bay to Delaware so that I may do so. We plan to pile the cats, our essentials, and of course Lucia (will be 16 months when we do this!) and ourselves into our 1 car and make a drive of it - it will take about 3 days at 6 hours of driving per day.

We do plan to have as long of a "lunch break" as possible so that Lu might have a little extra leg-stretching time midday before her afternoon nap, but I wonder - is there anything in particular that we can do to make the trip more bearable for her (and by extension, the rest of us)? She's usually quite good with car trips but has never been on one longer than a touch over an hour.

Of course we will have toys, books, music she likes, and a laptop that can play DVDs (for as long as the battery lasts). This seems like a pretty good assembly of diversion... what do you think? Do any of you have tips 'n' tricks for longer car trips with wee ones of this age?

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