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Gen. Chat “Woooo, tablet wars! Well,” by Slade xTekno

domminess 6 years ago on 04/20/12
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I love my iPad and I'm great at it. Mines first gen, and I haven't looked back. I don't find it superfluous for my laptop; I use it Primarily for Netflix and reading. Laptop is used for school and writing.

I do agree that it sucks for lots of typing, but that's not why I bought it so no harm, no foul.
Princess Shoujo Maiku 6 years ago on 04/20/12
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going to be buying an ipad soon. As much as I like android (being the flashaholic I am) I like the level of app dev support for iOS
Slade xTekno 6 years ago on 04/21/12
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Oh wow, just caught up with all the new BB Playbook updates. So tempted.
monkeyg0d 6 years ago on 04/21/12
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Ive got an ipad and a Kindle Fire which once rooted and flashed with firmware of choice is effectively a droid tablet.

I use the ipad a lot more for games, less for reading. Both of them get a lot of use as pdf readers for tabletop gaming as extra sets of rulebooks.

The size of the Kindle puts it slightly ahead for me personally I can dump it in the pocket of a hoodie or a jacket, much more portable than my ipad, also I find it better for reading.

Im pretty much screwed on netflix here in NZ on either device so that doesnt factor much for me.

Also its tough to beat 200 bucks for the kindle.
Realityczech 6 years ago on 04/21/12
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I have a Nook Color and a tab 10.1

If you're going to be using it for rulebooks for gaming, reading circuit diagrams (this is my main use for it), or anything else with a lot of detail, you'll want the 10 inch screen- the 7" models just don't give adequate detail at normal zoom, and hide too much when you zoom in enough.

I'd look at if you can afford to wait. About once every 2 weeks they'll have good deals on tablets- $200-300 range.
SuitJamas 6 years ago on 04/21/12
I like how tablets just give us another field of battle to continue the WAR between MAC and PC. Of course I am on the PC side. I got my Mom a Kindle Fire, and have used it a little. It is definitely nicer typing with the bigger screen compared with the cell. Eventually, I'll most likely get some Android tablet, or a Tablet PC.

At first I was skeptical about tablets, but now I get it, you just don't feel like having the bulky laptop when you just want to surf the net, chat, etc, when you are sitting in the living room or in front of your TV. Plus, I have seen a friend of mind bring one to a party, so I could see doing that too. I'd probably never think of bringing a laptop to a party though.
Slade xTekno 6 years ago on 05/01/12
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Just got my Blackberry Playbook, and man this thing is slick. First impressions:
*Love the stereo speakers on the face of the tablet. When I was trying out the iPad 2, I liked how I could carry music around the house, but hated how the sound came out a single speaker on the bottom of the device. The desktop software syncs with iTunes to boot.
*You're getting a lot of tablet for $200. Remember, the Playbook was supposed to complete with the iPad 2, and it shows (at least in the hardware).
*No NPR app, and the browser loads their website without the streaming options. Weird, because I know the browser can stream video at least (tested on

I'll put up a more in-depth review in a few days.
PS: Sarsippius, anything specific you want to know about?
A Study in Pink 6 years ago on 05/01/12
I love my Kindle Fire. I do not use it for reading, I have a normal kindle for that, but I do use it for online surfing that does not require much interaction. Typing on a tablet, ANY tablet, is a disaster, but I frequently use mine to check fb and even more frequently use it to read online documentation or manga. I don't use it for netflix unless I'm in the bathtub, but the speakers are fairly quiet, which sucks. I have no idea what I would do with an ipad or how I would use it differently to justify the price difference.
SuitJamas said:
I like how tablets just give us another field of battle to continue the WAR between MAC and PC. Of course I am on the PC side. I got my Mom a Kindle Fire

This entire sentence makes no sense at all. PC is not android. Amazon is not PC.
Horse's Ass 6 years ago on 05/01/12
A Study in Pink said:
This entire sentence makes no sense at all. PC is not android. Amazon is not PC.

SuitJamas 6 years ago on 05/01/12
Yeah, the fact that I got my Mom a Kindle Fire has nothing to do with what I meant. I can see how it was confusing though, as that was my next sentence. I just meant that the same people who get iPads are the same who buy Macs, and the same people that buy Android tablets are the same that buy PCs.
A Study in Pink 6 years ago on 05/02/12
I own an 11" macbook air and a 17" macbook pro.
PS: The argument is not the same at all, really, because the hardware simply isn't comparable, unlike other moot tech arguments over which is "better." Not to mention that much of this thread has been about a completely different tablet made by Blackberry?
PS: I just watched xfiles from my bathtub and it was AWESOME.
John Booty 6 years ago on 05/02/12
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I really want to get an iPad 2 now that the prices on them have dropped.

Also, my stereo/AV/receiver/whatever is dying. Which sucks, but it gives me a chance to get a new one that supports AirPlay.

Walking around the house with an iPad, playing stuff (like Spotify!) on the stereo sounds pretty good to me.

I actually won't get an iPad, though, because we're saving for a house and all of that. Also, I know I'd never actually use the AirPlay thing. It just sounds cool.
LostDecoy 6 years ago on 05/02/12
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If anyone wants a Kindle fire....

That said, I ditched my Gtablet and now Brian and I share a Toshiba Thrive. He uses it more than I do. We both have Touchpads which we LOVE! I don't give a fuck about most apps, I just want to surf the net, check e-mails and watch videos. The Touchpad does all that and has incredible battery life. Oh, plus they were dirt fucking cheap during the firesale.

I will never be able to ditch a laptop completely though, NEVER!
Imaginos 6 years ago on 05/02/12
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I had a Blackberry Playbook until recently. Being a train commuter I loved the idea of a tablet. Much easier to pull and do some work or watch some videos on the train or bus. It was also nice for just doing a quick facebook check etc from couch.

The upside of the playbook specifically were that the browser kicks ass. Handles full html 5 site and flash. Access to the full sites for things like Pandora were nice and almost made up for the poor selection of apps. It would be a perfect tablet for me if it had hulu, netflix and skype, but none of those apps exist for it and all signs point to the fact they never will.

So a couple of weeks ago when the usb port and it stopped charging (a few weeks out of Warranty) I decided it was not worth replacing. If I'm going to drop $200 or so the Kindle fire or Nook Tablet are looking like better fits for me.
umaburk 6 years ago on 05/02/12
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I was at a Taco Bell/KFC in New Jersey last week, and my tablet of choice did real well. My browser is whitemeat/darkmeat#pollodriver2. It does well, too. I downloaded pics of me eating some nachos.
John Booty 6 years ago on 05/02/12
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K-Devil 6 years ago on 05/04/12
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Slade xTekno said:
Sarsippius, anything specific you want to know about?

The big thing is PDF reading- is there a reader app, and does it work well? Other than lack of apps, is there anything else you find disappointing?

I found an Aluratek that just launched, too:

Hardware's not as boss as the Playbook's but it does have the 10" screen, and since I'm using it primarily as a PDF reader I might get it instead.
Slade xTekno 6 years ago on 05/14/12
Updated: 5 years ago on 08/03/12
Equipped: Home Pregnancy Test named "Awww, shit."
What do you plan on reading?

The native Adobe Reader app works great, but it just reads: no search, no bookmarks. There's an app on the market that does the latter two, but it costs $10 dollars. A lot of people seem to have sideloaded the Repligo app for Android, but that's more work than I have time for at the moment.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the text easy to read despite the 7" screen. I can read single-page PDFs like the instruction manual with the tablet propped up on my desk, and two-column academic journals if I'm holding it (both without zooming, landscape orientation).

The lack of apps is the only thing holding it back, but it's a big obstacle if you're used to the dizzying selection of Android Market or the quality of the iOS App Market. You can find something that'll do what you want, but it takes a bit of research and/or work. If that doesn't phase you, it's the best tablet on the market for the price - the best tablet browser hands-down; an intuitive, all-touch interface; and the hardware of what was supposed to compete with the iPad 2. It's best paired with a Blackberry via Bluetooth to share data and files, but it can still tap into your smartphone's data plan no matter the manufacturer.
PS: Other points:
It took me two restarts to get the 2.0 patch due to downloads ending before they completed. I read that it's because of the high server traffic at the moment, but just a heads up.
It's lighter than the iPad, but it's no eReader. I still use my Kindle Keyboard when I'm at home for ebooks and magazine subscriptions.
* I use the Playbook primarily as an RSS reader, PDFs reader (usually academic articles for school), and for internet/Youtube when not at my desk at home.
PS: Wooo, formatting.

Also, thread on sideloading Repligo. Easier than I thought!
PS: Looks like the Nexus 7 is going to rule the budget tablet market for a while. Pure Android OS, solid hardware, and the best resolution you can get on a 7" tablet (outside the AmoLED+ Galaxy Tab 7.7). If you're interested in a tablet and haven't look, you should.

Interested to see how Amazon and Apple will respond.
PS: It's also a lot harder to justify the price of a Tab 7.7 now.
spyrral 5 years ago on 08/03/12
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Hey Hunky Dory, I saw your post from 12 months ago. Looks like the Xoom is finally getting that update...
PS: I got an Ange a refurbed iPad 2 for $320. It's not quite as cheap as the $200-250 for a budget Android 7" or a fire-saled discontinued piece of abandonware, but there's really no comparison. The app market, the quality/responsiveness of the device, the amazing battery life, the things really are the best tablets you can get at any price.
Slade xTekno 5 years ago on 08/04/12
Equipped: Home Pregnancy Test named "Awww, shit."
It's really hard to argue against the iPad as the best tablet, especially at that price! All my objections to it are really subjective, the major one being form factor. I prefer the feel of 7", because it doesn't feel like I'm holding a dinner plate.

Another nitpick is that button. I feel like touchscreen products, tablets and phones, should have all-touch interfaces. I also find myself missing Android's back button whenever I use an iPhone.

That being said, I'm definitely keeping an eye on the iPad Mini.

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