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Fatty Talk “Sauce recipe request” by seggs

seggs 10 years ago on 11/22/11
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I signed up to do chicken stir fry for my Qigong class; we are in our "Qi in food" unit and because its the week of thanksgiving our instructor has scheduled a pot luck dinner instead of class.

google isnt much help. i only want a recipe for a sweet and spicy sauce. goggle has some good recipes, but i already know what i am putting into the dish besides the sauce and its getting kinda tedious sifting through "blah blah my grandma always uses the whole chicken, feathers and all..."

so if anyone has a sweet and spicy stir fry sauce recipe i would like to hear it.
NekoStar 10 years ago on 11/22/11
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This is a sauce I use for an Asian meatball appetizer recipe that might fit

1 Cup Hoisin Sauce
1/2 Cup Mayo
4 tbsp lime juice
4-8 tsp Asian chili-garlic sauce (this stuff

Float 10 years ago on 11/23/11
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I was going to suggest hoisin and chili-garlic!

Mayo in Asian cuisine scares me.
NekoStar 10 years ago on 11/23/11
Equipped: Pocket Link named "small but pleasing"
I was concerned about the mayo too, but it was a hit at the party I brought it too. You couldn't taste it, it was more of a texture thing.
seggs 10 years ago on 12/05/11
Updated: 8 years ago on 03/04/14
Equipped: All-New, Portable, Take-Anywhere Llama named "Tina"
oop. forgot about this. i went with this one because it wasnt some random family recipe and i was kinda freakin out about not having any time left to make the dish.

i did a double recipe and substituted brown sugar for regular and used a yellow pepper for the second one.

aside from cutting up all of the veggies, the whole thing went rather quickly and turned out fantastic.
PS: oh, hey.. forgot about this...

i still make stir fry with a sauce based on the stuff i made for this class. ive changed it a bit since then though. now its more of a sweet and citrus sauce.

1tsp garlic
1tsp ginger
1tbsp corn starch
1tbsp brown sugar
1tbsp white vinegar
2tbsp soy sauce
1/4 cup pineapple juice (from the can of pineapple chunks)

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