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Gen. Chat “” by Walter!

Pixie~ 6 years ago on 01/14/12
Equipped: Alucard's 454 Casull named "Trio of Doom rolls mad deep."
Like: K-Rocket, Drin, Drinny
Reserved for specific people: Wanners, Wanny, Drinnypoo, Adry
Dislike: Age, A.D.
Realityczech 6 years ago on 01/15/12
Equipped: Vash's Gun named "Do you know how to play Russian Roulette?"
Like: The FRAZ, Gorillla, Caveman, Triple Shot
Hate: Danny, Dave
Phaedra 6 years ago on 06/18/12

(I'm reviving this one for BC so that all you people can alternately annoy the crap out of whoever you're talking to/know what's best to call them, based off of your personal proclivities.)

I'm going to go ahead and finish RealityCzech's list for all of you so that I can hear about random conversations you start with him. I want transcripts! Also, someone who can use ALL OF THESE in one email/message will receive a jar of homemade rum caramel sauce in the mail. I would need a copy of the message sent to me as proof.

RealityCzech's favorites: Gunmonkey, monkey, grumpyface, monkeysaurus
RealityCech's annoy-o-trons: pumpkin, doodlebug, princess, Twilight Sparkle

And it's only fair that I give you mine too:

Phaedra's favorites: Lei, Kritha, Krith, Phae, Fred, Brunhilda/broom handle

Phaedra will kill you for: Lei-Lei, Leianna Banana, hun

There are few names that actually get on my nerves, but those three will do it each and every time. Dan's managed to get out a 'Leianna Banana' or two and not have me kill him, but I think it's because he thought he was being SO CLEVER with coming up with it. I don't think he noticed my eyeball twitching before it was too late.
jadium 6 years ago on 06/19/12
Love: JD
Hate: J
kashira 6 years ago on 06/19/12
Equipped: Embarassing Yaoi Fanfiction by kashira named "The Story Of Eppy and Fievel"
My boyfriend gave me the stupid nickname of Twoburgers and I love it so much that it's my name on almost every social media site now. I will also accept Aly. But not Al, nor any variation on my last name (Rhodes).
Fievel 6 years ago on 06/20/12
Equipped: Kiss from Creepy Stalker named "A kiss from the shadows"
Like: JKap, Kerplopowitz
Dislike: Joshie (I'm not 5 and you're not my grandmother)
K-Devil 6 years ago on 06/21/12
Equipped: Espionage Codec named "On a wavelength far from home..."
Like: K (short short form of my old handle).

Dislike: Plenty, but I'm not telling you all, heh.
LostDecoy 6 years ago on 06/21/12
Equipped: Coupon For Free *unf unf unf*
Like: Chris, Decoy, 'Stina
HATE: Chrissy
Mrs. Mink 6 years ago on 06/22/12
Equipped: Toothbrush named "I think I am Green"
Like: Pinka
Dislike: Becca (NONONO)
fangy 6 years ago on 06/22/12
Equipped: Vash's Gun
Like: Fangy
Dislike: Goop, John Boy (both from my Dad and other family members)
Mr. Francis York Morgan 6 years ago on 06/24/12
Equipped: Magical OtakuBooty Source Code named "G Gundam's Plot"
Like: Talby
Dislike: Talbs
Momoko 6 years ago on 06/25/12
Equipped: Coupon For Free *unf unf unf*
Momoko / Moe

Don't like being called a dude's name
umaburk 5 years ago on 06/29/12
Equipped: Fire Flower named "joe versus the volcano ... and the hurricane"
Like: The Defendant

Dislike: Prisoner#34451
Shouchouji 5 years ago on 06/30/12
Equipped: Hide (Orange) named "who loves orange soda, Kel loves orange soda"
Like: B, Shou, & Papa Bear (only by a selected few people)
Dislike: Big Guy, Big Man, or Mr. G
sail1987 5 years ago on 06/30/12
Equipped: Lightsaber named "Schwartz Stuff"
Willy-Beez / LateForDinner
Dobby's Sock 5 years ago on 08/24/12
Equipped: Handcuffs
Like: My grandpa calls me Nickodemus.
Dislike: Jugs. And any other variation of it.
Anti 5 years ago on 08/26/12
Equipped: Blow Up Doll of the Finest Quality named "Vasha"
Daddy/ Titties. :(
Lamb Eater 5 years ago on 08/29/12
Equipped: Tear-stained Emo Poetry by Cougar Meat named "I paint my nails black"
Jenaaaaay / Sweet Cheeks
The happy sausage artist 5 years ago on 08/29/12
Equipped: Inappropriately Large Handful of Viagra
Likes: Doc
Dislike: Rosstipher (don't ask)
LeTonzy 5 years ago on 08/29/12
Equipped: Ticket for the Man Train named "there's a train i wouldn't mind riding on"
Barney Stinson said:
Gavinator / Gav

how about Gavitron?

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