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Gen. Chat “” by Walter!

John Booty 7 years ago on 12/29/11
Equipped: Sparkledonkey's Gallbladder
Like: Booty/Boots/JBu/etc. Once in a rare while I go by "JR" if I'm in a work setting where there are multiple people named John and for whatever reason Booty isn't convenient or appropriate.

Not a huge fan of: Rose or Rosey. I don't really mind because it makes me think of Rosey Grier and you can't get much bigger, badder, or manlier than that.

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John Booty 7 years ago on 12/29/11
Equipped: Sparkledonkey's Gallbladder
Or can you?

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Mako 7 years ago on 12/30/11
Equipped: Smelly Sock named "Master has presented us with clothes!"
I don't have one, i just like to be called Dana

Danes is the worst.
Horse's Ass 7 years ago on 12/30/11
John Booty said:
Like: .

Not a huge fan of: Rosey.

How weird!! Me too... Oh wait.

Oh ya.
LeTonzy 7 years ago on 12/30/11
Equipped: Ticket for the Man Train named "there's a train i wouldn't mind riding on"
such_brevity 7 years ago on 12/30/11
Equipped: Purple Foreman Grill named "Tracy Jordan Meat Machine"

My best friend started the Jessicat thing years ago and it sorta stuck, which is just fine by me.

Jessie, Jesse, Jessi, any variation of Jessie is BAD BAD BAD. I can only ever think of Full House's uncle Jesse and hey, not all that great.
Moonage Daydream 7 years ago on 12/31/11
Equipped: Link's Boomerang named "I wish I knew how to quit you"

Being called by my first and last initial makes me feel like a big shot

Being called "PRAN-CAKES" does not
domminess 7 years ago on 12/31/11
Equipped: Box of Crayons named "I FREAKING LOVE COLORING"

Yes, Nikki can be short for Dominique. No, that is not my fucking name.
LORD AWESOME 7 years ago on 12/31/11
Equipped: Rope Of Infinite Bondage named "Throw me a lifeline."
Erbstick, neko, bunners/Christobel, Erb

I have no problem with my last name, normally, but if you throw it out there on its own, it sounds rather abrupt. That, and I worked with this one handjob for a while who would always find new ways to elongate it and wouldn't call me anything else; seventy-odd "Yo Erb"s in a day can get pretty grating.

Same dude tried to start the Christobel thing. Maybe I just hate that guy.

"Neko" used to be in the no-go category, until I stopped being butthurt about a) people who use internet names and b) everyone pronouncing it with the white people "ee" instead of the moonspeak "eh". And it rhymes with things better whitey-style, so I'll take it.
Frito 7 years ago on 12/31/11
Equipped: Issue of Newtype
Other than Frito...


I don't know why I hate JJ but I do. it just grates on my nerves. :\
Hoss makes me feel like a big burly manly man.
Dusty Pockets 7 years ago on 01/01/12
Equipped: Bi Curi-O's Cereal named "Taco flavored cereal?!"
Toastersix said:

Ginia is actually the most common that folks use, but I never particularly liked it.

I call seniority and will call you this forever.

Past and Current Nicknames
Booper, Beetle (as in Beetle Bailey), and Dukes. Beetle is probably the one I care for least.

I don't really have any nicknames I don't like, but since there have only ever been a few and my name is short as it is that might be why.
Mr. Francis York Morgan 7 years ago on 01/01/12
Equipped: Magical OtakuBooty Source Code named "G Gundam's Plot"
Darth Gnosis said:

...I've given you a hard enough time tonight. Much love to you too, Sensei. I'll remember not to get cocky, it's gonna get rocky.
ExecutiveProducerDickWolf 7 years ago on 01/01/12
Equipped: MapleTrainŠ brand Syrup named "Heaven Will Run A Train On You"
Least favorite: Mimsy.

Most favorite: None. I've only ever had that one and it's my least favorite.
Laurette 7 years ago on 01/02/12
Equipped: Triforce named "DANANANA NA NA NANANA"
Ones I don't mind: Tiff, Scoot, Laurette, Tadpole

Ones you better be a specific person to use: Tiffikins (my friend mari only)

Ones I'm not crazy about: Tinkle (my brother has called me this since I was like, 8), Tiffers
emkay 7 years ago on 01/03/12
Equipped: Starman
Faves: MK/Emkay/Kate/Red

Least Faves: Mary/Mary Katie Bird (thanks, grandma)/So do you have a sister named Ashley?

I pretty much hate my name. I've never gone by just my first name, but Mary Kate is too long and too hard to get right (no hyphen, yes space, not Kay). I love my middle name (Kathleen or Kate) but initials are pretty cool too.

My least favorite thing ever is Olsen twin references. I was born when they were a year or two old, there's no way I was named after either of them.
Ikirus 7 years ago on 01/03/12
Equipped: Spike Spiegel's Gun (Jericho 94)
Dre, Emilio (though it's been decades since that one was relavant) / Dragon (again, decades), Origami, Nags.
Amanda 7 years ago on 01/03/12
Equipped: Flux Capacitor named "THE FALLOPIAN TUBES OF TIME TRAVEL"
I have never had a nickname I hated! Granted, people aren't prone to giving me nicknames, so that's probably why.

My rugby team calls me Legs and my boyfriend calls me "Amanda Mae" in this ridic folksy accent.
tachikoma 7 years ago on 01/03/12
Equipped: Leg Upgrade: "High Jump Boots" named "JumpJump Boots"
For some reason, I've had three people call me "Hamster" completely independently of each other. Then when I think about it more I suppose I have some hamster-like qualities.

Hmm, I've never really had a nickname I didn't like! Although one ex called me "Pinky". I really hated that one.

PS: (Since I'm paper white, if I start blushing I turn bright red/pink. And I used to be pretty shy. Being called Pinky didn't help!)
trampersand 7 years ago on 01/04/12
Equipped: Radtaculous Glove of POWWWEER named "this glove has gone where you never will."
Like: C. Ro (love), Kate (though I never go by that since there are too many damn Cate/Kates), Professor, Tits, Ho

Dislike: Catalina Rosalita (abuela's, call me this and die), Katie (everyone in childhood's)
Johnny Landmine 7 years ago on 01/13/12
Equipped: Devo Hat named "Effective non-streaking protection from Space Junk"
I just remembered one of my past bandmates called me "Come Back Jonee" because I like Devo so much. I liked that one. "Johnny Landmine" was a real-life nickname before I started using it online; obviously I like it.

Never really had one I hated, but I'm glad nobody but my dad has ever called me "Johnner."

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