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Gen. Chat “Downcast” by KitAdrian

KitAdrian 6 years ago on 02/27/12
Equipped: Vash's Gun named "Love and Peacemaker"
Boudicca said:
All the female roles need to be recast. Seriously. Especially the one dark haired chick with the gun towards the end. She didn't even have to say anything. Her facial expressions screamed "I am not an actor and have no idea how to do this." Every girl who delivered a line was painful.

Oh man, I cannot agree with you more. Unfortunately, they were both friends of the director, and wrote most of their respective characters. In the Proof of Concept that we did last summer, we had a Russian chick who was awesome as th vigilante(the one with the gun), but she dropped out because she didn't want to swear.

But there is one girl in the film who I think did well, despite being a child actor, and that would be the girl playing my daughter.

Boudicca said:
Two of the guys need to be recast The one dude on the phone for sure

Which phone dude? Older jean jacket or blonde? Older jean jacket is a bit part(just the phone call), and blonde is my second in command.
Boudicca 6 years ago on 02/27/12
Equipped: Lightsaber named "I AM the Dark Side, Motherfuckers!!"
Jean jacket guy.

And hell, I would have given up the curse words for a decent Russian actress.
KitAdrian 6 years ago on 02/27/12
Updated: 3 years ago on 12/26/14
Equipped: Vash's Gun named "Love and Peacemaker"
Thought so. Blonde is my BFF, who got the part from my recommendation when the previous actor(who sucked) got canned.

Also, totally agree with you on Russian actress for the "Killer Kim" role. Also she was super gorgeous and I would have loved to hang with her more.
PS: You want resurrection?

How 'bout this? I'm raising this thread from 2 years dead to post this:

Downcast is DONE!!! It's available on YouTube now. Be aware of the 1:52 run time though. It's a good watch though!

I'm still leaving, but I wanted to leave this final gift to you guys. And again, my Facebook is if you want to keep in touch.

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