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Gen. Chat “Wedding Gifts / Guestbook” by John Booty

Captain Goldbeard 6 years ago on 03/04/12
Equipped: Hentai DVDs
I very much hope your big day was amazing and everything you both could hope for.

I would say I hope that you have a happy and joyous life together but I feel you have already started on that path. I do hope though it stays the same for the rest of your days. Congratulations to you both.
Devi 6 years ago on 03/04/12
Equipped: Lawn Gnome named "Pablo"
Congratulations, you guys! I love you both so much and I wish you a happy life together.
team banzai 6 years ago on 03/04/12
Equipped: Gum's Helmet named "to prevent head injury...when I run you over"
I don't know what else to say...besides don't become a space admiral and abandon your family because aliens attack your space ship and you die.
BLAM! 6 years ago on 03/04/12
Equipped: Dante's Ebony+Ivory named "BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!"
Enjoying the pictures i have seen so far!! Congrats and love you guys!!
DoomMonky 6 years ago on 03/04/12
I wish you both the best. Congratulations, my friends.
Bad Wolf 6 years ago on 03/05/12
Equipped: Sigil From Ed Elric's Coat named "Equivalent Exchange"
SailorJoon 6 years ago on 03/05/12
Equipped: The Auryn
Congrats! Can I still sponsor the walk-in butter fridge?
Mandori 6 years ago on 03/06/12
Equipped: Nevada Girl Hoodie named "Boxcutting never looked this good."
Congratulations! You are truly wonderful people and it makes me happy just thinking about both of you. Well wishes and love from the bottom of my heart.
marinasaurus rex 6 years ago on 03/06/12
Equipped: Shark With Frickin' Laser named "Raymond"
I can't remember if I posted earlier in this thread but whatever I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU SADJF;FJKSDJF;AS;KFJD;SJKF;KAJS <3 <3 <3 <3
Richard Wrinkletips 6 years ago on 03/06/12
Equipped: Toothbrush named "Finn, Jake & The Jiggler's Toothbrush Dance"
Congratulations, you big dorks.
RocketQueen 6 years ago on 03/06/12
Equipped: Girl In Bucket named "Princess Jonne"
Ramothhe-chan 6 years ago on 03/07/12
Equipped: Magical Chicken Hat #1 named "Fowl Play Hat"
Congrats John and Steph! Much love and ham to you both! <3
LORD AWESOME 6 years ago on 03/08/12
Equipped: Rope Of Infinite Bondage named "Throw me a lifeline."
Even though I was at the wedding, and contributed to the guestbook there, this was a bit too lengthy for a little card and I kind of wanted to share it.

I first met John at the first or second Kosaikon, where he'd set up next to the reg desk, advertising something I'd never seen attempted before: a nerd-oriented dating site. I looked at John. I looked at his sign. I looked at John again. I thought to myself, "This is the stupidest goddamned thing I've ever heard of, and this dude's probably just trying to get laid."

So, of course, months later on in the testing phases, I signed up, for reasons, and got to be there for the better part of the glorious communal orifice Otaku Booty would eventually become. Like many of his other friends, OB became a second, or third, or sixth (what can I say, I get around the internet) family, and it was great meeting new people, seeing people I knew meet new people, and altogether bringing together a certain breed of geek that, for the most part, wasn't stereotypically terrible. And, like many of you, I got to watch John and Steph's relationship unfold in real time, highs and lows alike, and see it persist until this, the inevitable conclusion/next step.

I don't think it was until Steph posted pics of the ring that I stepped aside for a second, looked back upon that first encounter between Booty and myself, and realized, "I can't believe that bastard's plan actually worked."

So I'd like to congratulate you both, and I look forward to your continued prosperity together. Also, I'd like to thank you for giving me a very special opportunity; I'd like to announce that my new, nerdy dating site,, will be going live this May, and you can all feel free to message me about entering the beta testing program.

Moderator John Booty Says:

trampersand 6 years ago on 03/13/12
Equipped: Radtaculous Glove of POWWWEER named "this glove has gone where you never will."
It is awful it took us so long to do this but we do truly love and admire both of you and you guys getting married makes me smile. Congratulations and I know you will always be one of the most incredible couples we know.
<3 JonandCaitlin
John Booty 6 years ago on 03/13/12
Equipped: Sparkledonkey's Gallbladder
You guys. You guys helped make the honeymoon so, so awesome and just... god damn.

Thanks to these gifts and those at the wedding, we have a really good head start on being able to buy a house in the next couple of years.

It really is the beginning of a new life -- one with a walk-in butter fridge and lots of lube dispensers.

I love you guys.
PS: By the way, I emailed everybody at their PayPal email addresses, asking for your mailing addresses so we can send proper thank-yous.

So... if your PayPal email is a disused address that you hardly ever check, either (1) check it and reply to my email or (2) just PM me your mailing address.

Or I'll go to option (3) which means I'll just ask Creepy Stalker where you live and when you're usually home.

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