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Pee Chat “Today is Cat's Birthday” by John Booty

John Booty 6 years ago on 03/27/12
Equipped: Sparkledonkey's Gallbladder
Cat probably won't see this for a zillion months, but I love this girl forever and would donate so many of my internal organs if she ever needed them.

Cat, my lungs, spleen, kidneys, whatever. They are yours if you need them.

Happy Birthday!
Deathwing 6 years ago on 03/27/12
Equipped: Sword named "NEEDS MORE DRAGONS"
Happy Birthday Cat. Body Surf bros for life.
fukkake 6 years ago on 03/27/12
Equipped: Cockblast of Vengence named "Crotchfire!"

I hope you have a VERY Cat birthday today! If you don't have a weird story next time I see you I will be disappointed!

Miss ya!
Boudicca 6 years ago on 03/27/12
Equipped: Lightsaber named "I AM the Dark Side, Motherfuckers!!"
Happy Birthday, girl! Miss you around here!!
A Study in Pink 6 years ago on 03/28/12
Equipped: Inappropriately Large Handful of Viagra named "Fuck, I will take any pill"
Yeah she stopped talking to me because I think I told her she didn't need to be any skinnier.
PS: Miss her like hell though.
Chrispy 6 years ago on 03/28/12
Equipped: The Most Annoying Fairy Ever named "Hey! Listen! Hey! Hey! Listen!"
Cat I'm sorry I broke your rib. Happy birthday.
Barney Stinson 6 years ago on 03/28/12
Equipped: Handcuffs named "For Police Chief Marth, controllin anime hooligans"
So happy I got to see you before leaving. Can't believe you drove up from San Diego and go a speeding ticket just for me! YOU ARE AMAZING AND I MISS YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3
umaburk 6 years ago on 03/28/12
Equipped: Fire Flower named "joe versus the volcano ... and the hurricane"
I told her happy birthday on Facebook

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