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Gen. Chat “What has OB done for you lately?” by Princess Shoujo Maiku

Princess Shoujo Maiku 6 years ago on 04/12/12
Equipped: Embarassing Yaoi Fanfiction by LostDecoy named "The Adventures of Junun and Dio"
For me, it found my battery charger for the batteries in my camera. I was all like FUCK, I'M MAD BRO, I CAN'T FIND MY BATTERY CHARGER. I decided FUCK IMMA POST THIS ON OB. As I was going to post about it in the dome, it turned up! Thanks OB!~
OtakuBooty Source Code 6 years ago on 04/12/12
no prob

Moderator Princess Shoujo Maiku Says:

A Study in Pink 6 years ago on 04/12/12
It has given me an online gallery to store my Cumberbatch photos so if the FBI ever catch me, there won't be evidence of my obsession on my laptop!

Moderator kashira Says:

Yvaine 6 years ago on 04/12/12
Equipped: Bento Box
It has given me some of the greatest friends and support networks I could have ever asked for.
Darth Gnosis 6 years ago on 04/12/12
Equipped: JEDI DICK named "Wanna watch Star Wars and feel the Force?"
Hope for my future with the ladies.
Boudicca 6 years ago on 04/13/12
Equipped: Lightsaber named "I AM the Dark Side, Motherfuckers!!"
One year ago today a ragtag group of miscreants, both near and far, came together and made it possible for Uma to be separated from his little friend, Quatto. His quality of life has improved dramatically since the tumor surgery last April 13.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible.

Moderator Zordon Says:

dreamergurl 6 years ago on 04/13/12
Equipped: Cockblast of Vengence
OB has let me meet some amazing people and gave me a reason to visit Cali and NJ and hang out with said amazing people =D
NekoStar 6 years ago on 04/13/12
Equipped: Pocket Link named "small but pleasing"
Seriously I have been feeling stressed, homesick and generally down in dumps when everyone decided it was "Treat Katy Like A Princess Day". On Facebook. It was mostly OB members <3 thanks for making me feel tops just cause I had a few good pictures taken on me!!
Lucifer 6 years ago on 04/15/12
Equipped: Men's Pocky named "For the man, by the man."
Helped me to train myself into thinking in absurdity. Between Eminem, and OB, I am a well adjusted individual. That, and I think I did get a bottle of beano for christmas one year.

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