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Gen. Chat “Lets talk about moooovies!” by Deathwing

Deathwing 6 years ago on 04/19/12
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I looked around to see if there was a thread for movies you just watched and couldn't find one.

What movie did you just watch? Thoughts? Feelings? Boners?

I just watched The Diving Bell and the Butterfly for the first time. Directed by Julian Schnabel. I haven't cried during a movie in a long ass time and this one broke me down twice. The subjective cinematography had an amazing effect at the beginning of the movie. Highly recommended.

Also, delete that accident thread I just made. My fingers are too fat for my phone.
aUdioquark 6 years ago on 04/19/12
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Anyone see Michael? And no, I don't mean John-Travolta's-an-Angel Michael, I mean the Austrian-pedophile-who's-got-a-kid-locked-in-his-basement Michael. It's an excellent blend of black comedy and jaw-dropping uneasiness without going the obvious route. There are only really two characters in the film, and the character development is amazing. After having seen it, I can definitely understand how it would make a LOT of people very upset, but if you've got the cinematic huevos to sit this one out, I really recommend it.

That being said, it's not the film that's made me feel most uncomfortable recently. That award goes to KLOWN. For the un-indoctrinated, KLOWN is the Scandinavian version of Curb Your Enthusiasm, on steroids. "Brutally awkward" doesn't even start to describe it. The movie is fairly reminscent of Sideways, but Sideways didn't start out like this:

Oh, and watch out for Beyond the Black Rainbow. This is probably the most perfect sci-fi thriller I've seen come out of the last ten years. It's Videodrome, 2001, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, all wrapped up into a deliciously shot, low-budget package. Just watch the fucking trailer and tell me you nerds DON'T want to see this.
Deathwing 6 years ago on 04/20/12
Equipped: Sword named "NEEDS MORE DRAGONS"
Holy shit, I heard about Beyond the Black Rainbow in passing, but didn't realize it would look like this. I have to see this movie.
Richard Wrinkletips 6 years ago on 04/20/12
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Most films I've been watching in the past weeks have been in theaters, particular The Raid: Redemption and The Cabin In The Woods, both of which I loooved. A+ genre films.

I wrote about The Raid here, which is an amazing martial arts/action film:;tab=8&action=st&page=1

If you haven't heard of The Cabin In The Woods yet, read no more than this little bit I wrote after seeing it:
HEY, do you like HORROR? How about COMEDY? How about JOSS WHEDON?

Then you should see The Cabin In The Woods, directorial debut from Drew Goddard, who wrote Cloverfield, co-written by him and Joss Whedon. Takes generic horror tropes and turns them on their head.

"Five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods. Bad things happen. If you think you know this story, think again. From fan favorites Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard comes THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, a mind blowing horror film that turns the genre inside out."

I'd recommend going in with no more knowledge than this, not even watching the trailer! I went in only knowing it was a Joss Whedon penned horror film, and was glad to be surprised by what transposed in the film, not being spoiled by a trailer or anything.

Had a random urge to re-watch Fight Club today, which I think I'm about to do.

aUdioquark said:
Oh, and watch out for Beyond the Black Rainbow.

Oooh, is this out now, or still in the festival circuit? I saw the trailer when checking out films that were at Fantastic Fest last year and it really piqued my interest. A lot of people gave it bad reviews, but for the exact reasons they disliked it, I can tell I'll probably love it.
One of Twitch Film's reviews said "A similar recent comparison is Gaspar Noe's ENTER THE VOID, which while quite different in subject matter, has similar intentions in terms of reaching and stimulating its audience." and I was like "sold."
PS: On that note, on a thread about film and since I just mentioned them, I may as well pimp my favorite film blog, Twitch:
Also, because this just popped up on Twitter: "@TwitchFilm is 214 followers shy of an even 15k. A little help?"
PS: Also, to answer my own question about Beyond The Black Rainbow, I guess it's on a suuuper limited run, and not playing anywhere near here :(
Put A Bird On It! 6 years ago on 04/20/12
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Speaking of Videodrome, I'm really excited for Cronenberg's next movie Cosmopolis. I've enjoyed his last few, but it looks like he's getting back to some old school mindfuckery with this one.

I looked at the Wikipedia plot summary for the book it's based on, and apparently Mr. Sparkly Vampire Man plays a multi-billionaire asset manager who spends an entire day trying to get across NYC in his super-fancy limo for a haircut. Things keep happening to delay him and he's making bad investment calls the whole time, so he loses all his money and sanity as the day goes on.
X-Wing @Aliciousness 6 years ago on 04/22/12
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I just screened this pretty awesome movie called Goodbye Lenin! for some friends of mine. It's a pretty funny but touching German-made movie set in 1989-1990 about a young man from East Germany who's mother, a faithful Communist, has a heart attack and falls into a coma that lasts several months, and when she wakes up, the Berlin Wall has fallen. The young man is told by his doctors that if his mother has too much excitement, she could have another heart attack - this time fatal - so he decides he must prevent her from finding out about reunification.

Here's the info at IMDb:
Deathwing 6 years ago on 04/22/12
Equipped: Sword named "NEEDS MORE DRAGONS"
Cosmopolis is based on a Don DeLillo novel, and if anyone can do Don DeLillo justice, I think it's Cronenberg. I'm really looking forward to that one.

I haven't seen Goodbye Lenin! in a couple years, but I remember loving it. Especially Yan Tiersen's soundtrack.

Just watched New World. I never had any desire to see it, but it was the only Malick film I hadn't seen, so I gave it a whirl. Definitely my least favorite he's done, and it's so odd he chose that project. It isn't terrible by any means, but I'm pretty sure the Pocahontas myth is exhausted at this point.
Professor Loophole 6 years ago on 04/26/12
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Just watch the American Godzilla movie, honestly if they didn't label it Godzilla it be a great b movie. of course then it be a Godzilla rip off haha
Deathwing 6 years ago on 04/26/12
Equipped: Sword named "NEEDS MORE DRAGONS"
Holy crap. Continuing my Julian Schnabel viewings. I just saw Before Night Falls. This is the best biopic I've ever seen. Usually at the end of biopic movies, I feel like I've just skimmed the surface of the individual, but in this movie, I feel like I dived into the soul of the subject. Javier Bardem plays Reinaldo Arenas, a gay, cuban author living and writing during the cuban revolution--a time when correction camps and all types of horrible homophobic policies were abundant.

This shit is so good.
SuitJamas 6 years ago on 04/26/12
I just saw Raiders of the Lost Ark, last night at the Arclight in Sherman Oaks. I saw American Reunion. I was skeptical that I would like it, but I enjoyed it. It was good just like the original movie. 21 Jump Street was pretty good too.
aUdioquark 6 years ago on 04/26/12
Equipped: Banana named "practice."
Man, it's really a shame Beyond isn't playing anywhere near you guys. Maybe talk to your local art theatre manager and tell them you NEED to see this film. If I've learned anything from volunteering at one, its sometimes all it takes is asking.

However, if its on DVD/the internet by the time BC rolls around, I'm thinking screening party (I totes have a projector).

But getting to things I've seen since last I posted:

XTRO - Low-budget Video Nasty from 1982. Features a scene where a woman gives birth to a full-grown man, lots of gore, and impeccable set design. What they pull off with the budget is pretty impressive: great effects, not too wonky creature, "good" gore. After watching this, I can definitely see how this film has been instrumental to the horror genre. As the watch the film you realize how many other flicks have just snatched bits and pieces of this film (most notably Slither). There are two not-too-related sequels, and another one (XTRO 4) in the works. Great date night film, if your date likes bloody sci-fi horror flicks.

Nightmare / Nightmares of a Damaged Brain - Another Video Nasty, this time from '81. Even lower budget, and less impressive gore, but still very watchable. This is kind of your average "mental patient on a killing spree" flicks. There are some good "gotcha!" moments, but it doesn't really stand out as being a classic in it's own right. Pairs well in a double feature, though!

Also taking some time out to brag about the Andrzej Żuławski retrospective I just got to see a few films from. They screened Possession, The Devil, On the Silver Globe, The Third Part of the Night, and My Nights are More Beautiful Than Your Days, all of which, excluding Possession, have never been released in the US. Unfortunately I only got to Possession and On the Silver Globe, but god DAMN can that man make a film. He kind of just takes everything that one step further than any other filmmaker I've seen. People don't just get upset and cry in Zulawski films, they seize, choke, fall to the floor and have an epileptic fit. It's not happiness - its sheer euphoric, orgasmic bliss.

Possession is his 1981 horror film starring the CREEPIEST Sam Neill to ever be creepy and Isabella Adjani. It's amazing, and you should just see it if you haven't.

On the Silver Globe is not a finished film. Turns out that the film was ordered to be destroyed after Zulawski was forced to leave Poland (again). It was 80% completed and the cast and crew managed to salvage most of the footage. To compensate for the lost footage, Zulawski runs around interesting places with a video camera, narrating what would have been, including the ending. It's a little jarring at first, but juxtaposed with all the lush sci-fi action going on in the main story, it's very welcome after a while. It's a psychedelic doozie so be sure to have your favorite inebriate on hand, and lots of it because it runs 2.5+ hours.
Creepy Stalker 6 years ago on 04/26/12
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