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Fatty Talk “...And then I ate a box of _______.” by team banzai

RogueSamus 5 years ago on 05/18/12
Equipped: Horse Weiner named "RonnyBojangles' Severed Raichu Dick"
Good N Plenty

you gotta eat the whole box when they're fresh and extra licorice-y. don't let that shit sit around, it will break your teeth.
Momoko 5 years ago on 05/18/12
Equipped: Coupon For Free *unf unf unf*
Pizza Combos. Those things are addicting! (Also not in a box, in a bag, but still ... same concept)
domminess 5 years ago on 05/18/12
Equipped: Box of Crayons named "I FREAKING LOVE COLORING"
Triscuits. Forever triscuits.
DoomMonky 5 years ago on 05/22/12
Cool Ranch Doritos and a two liter of Pepsi is my go to, "I'm going to be gaming all day" monge. Sometimes that'll be paired with a 40.

Did I mention I'm a classy guy?
Nurse Chapel 5 years ago on 05/27/12
Equipped: Kiss from Dr. Girlfriend
oh god, cheez its.

also, wheat thins. especially with port wine cheese.
Dwarf Rampage 5 years ago on 05/27/12
Equipped: Totoro Plushie named "To wipe the blood off my cock"
Parmesan & garlic Popchips make me their bitch every time...
Dizzie 5 years ago on 08/04/12
Equipped: Pocket Shigeru Miyamoto named "It prints money!"
I destroyed a box of Chicken in a Biscuit today. Felt like a boss.
Britishly Delicious 5 years ago on 08/04/12
Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

They just vanish and I have no idea how.
Liscum 5 years ago on 08/04/12
Equipped: Ramune Bottle Broken From Frustration named "Brought to you by your local Facecutters union"
Snap pea crisps. Not the most unhealthy snack, but I will eat the entire bag on the way home from Trader Joe's, and I only live like 15 minutes away.
seggs 5 years ago on 08/04/12
Equipped: All-New, Portable, Take-Anywhere Llama named "Tina"
i think its pretty safe to assume that anyone here will accidentally all the girl scout cookies (unless they are being rationed by a third party)

recently i opened a new box of Honey and Oat Blenders (malt o meal version of honey bunches of oats). its a (rather, was a) 22.4 oz box. i didnt notice how much i had eaten until i had to consolidate what was left by shaking it into a pile. i COULD have finished them at the time, but i wanted to save some for breakfast.
Senator Hideki 5 years ago on 08/05/12
Equipped: Technique scroll: "Stealth Hump" named "You won't even see me coming..."
Just almost did this to a frsh bag of Parmesan Goldfish. Only stopped myself finally with about a sixth of the bag left.

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