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Fatty Talk “Eat your feelings!” by LeTonzy

LeTonzy 5 years ago on 05/31/12
Equipped: Ticket for the Man Train named "there's a train i wouldn't mind riding on"
I've been pretty down so my question for you is what foods do you it when you're bumed out? I find Twix Ice cream bars are the best
Kirei the Klown 5 years ago on 05/31/12
Equipped: Chicken & Waffles named "My baby daddy love him some Roscoes!"
McDonald's Chicken Nuggets with sweet and sour sauce. And fries, which should also be dipped in the sauce if possible. With a Diet Coke.

Failing that, a shit-ton of mashed potatoes, preferably homemade.
Ak 5 years ago on 05/31/12
(s)Aint Chimo 5 years ago on 06/01/12
Equipped: Rose Bouquet named "Do these smell like chloroform to you...?"
Depends on my mood but cupcakes are usually my go-to sad food.

Or cheese. Lots of cheese.

Feel better, Tonzy! Xoxo
fukkake 5 years ago on 06/01/12
Equipped: Cockblast of Vengence named "Crotchfire!"

Baked mac and cheese is my comfort food (you know the mac and cheese with the buttery crumb topping). If I am eating a lot of mac and cheese you know I am having a terrible time!

I wish I could have you over for a heaping bowl my man, You are in my thoughts <3
LeTonzy 5 years ago on 06/04/12
Equipped: Ticket for the Man Train named "there's a train i wouldn't mind riding on"
thank you, that means a lot
Boudicca 5 years ago on 06/04/12
Equipped: Lightsaber named "I AM the Dark Side, Motherfuckers!!"
Cheeseburgers, ice cream and cake. As much of those things with chocolate as possible.
EvilJorge 5 years ago on 06/06/12
Equipped: Pimp Hat named "Sir William's Chapeau"
Ice cream and beer can go remarkably well together.
DoomMonky 5 years ago on 06/06/12
-Popcorn and red wine
-Steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, and red wine
-Crab in any form
-A good scotch
-A lot of tasty beer

As I get older, I've found I'm drifting further from a sweet preference and more into a savory preference.
Tess the Meanie 5 years ago on 06/08/12
Equipped: Servbots named "Huey, Louie, and whatever."
Cookies. I stuff my face with them. But also when I'm really happy, I will eat cookies. I just really love sweets for that kind of thing because it's like you're treating yourself to something special/fancy.

Also, pasta is my favorite comfort food.

It really depends on my mood though. I'll generally just eat more than a usual amount of what I'm specifically craving.
John Booty 5 years ago on 06/08/12
Equipped: Sparkledonkey's Gallbladder
Ellio's frozen pizza reminds me of childhood summers! A+ comfort food; pairs well with watching some Star Blazers.
domminess 5 years ago on 06/08/12
Equipped: Box of Crayons named "I FREAKING LOVE COLORING"
Tulip O'Hare said:

Can you elaborate? 'Cause the one time I tried this, I came within about an inch of puking all over the goddamn place. Oof. But maybe I was doing it wrong?

(This isn't counting the one restaurant I went to that served a Guiness float with ho...

I actually did puke the one time I did this, but that was at least halfway because I was on a turbulent flight an hour and a half later. Lesson learned though about saying "I'm a fucking adult, I'll have an ice cream sundae and a pint of hefeweizen for dinner if I want!"

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