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Nerd Shit “E3 2012 discussion!!!” by Lord_BullGod

Lord_BullGod 5 years ago on 06/05/12
Equipped: Triforce named "ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!"

.....zzzzzzzzzzz where's adult zelda surprise announcement with conan music?
President Baltar 5 years ago on 06/05/12
Equipped: Power Armor Upgrade: "Screw Attack"

Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2.

Everything else is ALREADY DEAD.

Moderator Put A Bird On It! Says:

Ak 5 years ago on 06/05/12
Microsoft: meh, I like the concept of smartglass, and the xbox becoming a central media hub:, otherwise not a lot of new games/IPs shown. Halo 4 announcement and other stuff already revealed.

Sony: the one who showed the most software, some interesting IPs like
watch dogs:
the last of us: but not much else otherwise

Nintendo: got to see some footage of pikmin 3 which was pretty exciting:
but it went downhill from there. They're still going for the casual market with the wiiu, but they didn't speak of any of their AAA titles like Zelda, metroid, smash, nothing. I'm pretty disappointed with their showing. Nintendoland? get that shit outta here.

Overall, E3 was meh, we'll see what happens later on this year.
Killian 5 years ago on 06/06/12
Equipped: Spike Spiegel's Gun (Jericho 94) named "Big Bang"
I read about The Last of Us a few months ago and was super excited to play it. With both of those PS3 titles coming out I am gonna spend a lot of time on my PS3!
Innateight 5 years ago on 06/06/12
I don't know, i think they've gone horribly wrong somewhere along the way. There where a few interesting looking games, but the rest of it was BS. Its all about the money now i guess.
Dr. Moustache 5 years ago on 06/06/12
Equipped: Cursed Videotape. Seven days starting.... NOW. named "The CockRing"
Any thoughts on Star Wars: 1313?
Beltane 5 years ago on 06/06/12
Equipped: Hide (Leopard Hat Ver.) named "He's not really dead, he's just resting!"
I agree, Sam, The Last of Us has certainly gained my interest.

Although, I didn't see any gameplay videos for it, I'm actually quite interested in Gears of War: Judgement solely for the fact that it seems that Baird is the main character.
Tim 5 years ago on 06/06/12
Equipped: Flux Capacitor named "Great Scott!"
There is a significant reduction in black t-shirts at E3 this year. Seeing a little more color on developers makes me happy.
PS: And by "significant reduction", I'd say we went from 80-90% attendees wearing black in previous years to 60% of attendees this year.

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