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Pee Chat “Sometimes I still think about in Akira...” by Lord_BullGod

Lord_BullGod 8 years ago on 12/11/12
Equipped: Triforce named "ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!"
There's a scene early in the movie, where one of the kids, Takashi, quickly glances at a cartoonish dog food commercial with rather colorful and silly looking dogs, and the scene is quickly changes to another, of barking dobermans. MEAN ones.

This was intentional, to showcase the animation quality, yes? I'm sure it was, I just want it confirmed.
WWNSX 8 years ago on 12/15/12
Equipped: Inappropriately Large Handful of Viagra
I think you're right on that it's to show case the quality of the animation. I think the dogs in the commercial kind of remind me Disney's style of animation and the AKIRA animators said no this is how you draw dogs.

They look like german shepherd's to me.

Imaginos 8 years ago on 12/17/12
Equipped: A Really Sharp Pointy Thing
I most likely over thought it but i thought it was to show how "the generation" being shown found ugliness and violence even in the cute and benign things.
Lord_BullGod 7 years ago on 03/01/14
Equipped: Nunchiaku named "Drunken NinJa Otakon 2k4 Party Award"
No seriously was I right on this one?

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