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Gen. Chat “There was a fire @my home ystdy when I wasnt there” by Amberwolf

Amberwolf 5 years ago on 10/21/14
I'm sure they'd love to play with you, too. Or at least bark at you a lot. ;-)

It's not that far from you to them, you know.

Troy Rank (Grindz145 on Endless Sphere) rode his ebike far enough to get here in a couple weeks!
(though he didn't actually come to Phoenix, he turned around in Denver, not sure if he got the Guiness WR he was after or not)

And I have a spare room....
mheart 5 years ago on 10/22/14
Equipped: Espionage Codec named "Don't call me for no reason! <3"
That's awesome! I bet it would have been hard to get down to AZ on a bike. Maybe if he didn't get the record he will try again.
Amberwolf 5 years ago on 10/22/14
Updated: 4 years ago on 05/08/16
Well, since he'd come all the way from New York, I think it was, he didn't have that far to go to get down here if he had had the time, but that was the problem--he ran out of time and had to head back so he wouldn't be missing work (he only had a month off to do it in, and had some unexpected problems along the way).
PS: Stil MOAR tugowar:
PS: Tiny died Friday, April 29th, 2016, a year after fallng victim to Myasthenia Gravis.

Full story is in posts over on Endless Sphere, mostly in the housefire updates thread, starting around here:

but a lot of her illness, stubborn insistence on living and having fun, and ending, is over in her wheelchair project thread here:

and in the thread for teh trike I built for cargo and hauling dogs, but has been used mostly for her to ride in, here:

and in the thread for the trailer I made mostly for Yogi:

and in the one before that I made for him and her:

There is a potential new dog here:
but it isn't working out as expected, so I'm not sure what will happen. I'd like her to stay regardless, but it's up to the rescue.
PS: That's wierd, the post above isn't from 10-22-14, it's from today 05-8-2016, but somehow it has been added as "PS" to the old post.

Also, the really cute picture of Yogi and Tiny that used to be attached to the old post has now deleted itself, for no reason. So it's now lost forever, as I have no idea which file it was.

Also, it looks like it actually concatenated THREE posts of mine into one, which is stupid. :(

Really dumb, cuz it means that I can't upload pics anymore, as they won't stay there.

I presume if someone else replies to my post then it wouldnt' do that, and it'd leave the pic, but there's otherwise no way for me to attach a picture and leave it there, or to attach multiple pics (one per post) cuz it'll just get
auto-deleted by the next one.

I guess I can just start a whole new thread for each post and maybe link back to this thread. Maybe that would work.
Barney Stinson 4 years ago on 05/09/16
Equipped: Handcuffs named "For Police Chief Marth, controllin anime hooligans"
I can make a post :)
Creepy Stalker 4 years ago on 05/09/16
Equipped: N00dz of akanepanda

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