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News & For Sale “Ray Harryhausen dead at 92....” by Basillica

Basillica 6 years ago on 05/07/13
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So maybe this is just for the.....Older Generation on here but Ray was a HUGE influence on me growing up. He created some of the most cutting edge movies of his time like "Jason and the Argonauts" the "Sinbad the Sailor" series and the legendary "Clash of the Titans".

Growing up these were the movies that got me hooked completely into the Fantasy world. His movies and unparalleled stop motion figures made me want to read more books and see more lands where these sort of impossible things were possible.

I feel like I did when Charles Schulz and Jim Henson died, like some part of my imagination and a part of the person I grew up to be has lost something vital to its development. He is another on the list with Schulz and Henson who I wish I could have thanked for opening me up to a world I may never have otherwise seen.
Senator Hideki 6 years ago on 05/14/13
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The original Clash of the Titans is probably my favorite film that makes use of stop-motion animation of all time.

I'm just glad this guy had such a long and productive life. While his passing is a sad thing, his life was anything but, at least in terms of accomplishment.
Lord_BullGod 6 years ago on 05/17/13
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I loved the Zac's end in Dead or Alive 4, which had a homage to dudeman's work.

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