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News & For Sale “Trash Power!” by Kirei the Klown

Kirei the Klown 7 years ago on 05/17/13
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Inedible food from Ralph's stores in California is being turned into power (and then fertilizer) by an anaerobic digester system.,0,7330815.story

Article said:
The program helps Kroger reduce its waste by 150 tons a day. The trash otherwise would have been sent to Bakersfield to be composted, hauled away six times a day by diesel trucks traveling 500,000 miles a year.

This is awesome! Despite best efforts, there is almost certainly always going to be a certain amount of food waste in this country, due to inevitable damage during shipping, excess inventory, and the spoilage thereof. It's great that someone is actually trying to make something more than just compost out of that waste. Of particular interest to me is that even meat and packaging can be tossed into the mix - the packaging is filtered out of the organic waste before going into the digester.
Lucifer 7 years ago on 05/17/13
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That is a nice idea, but I am having trouble understanding something. The retail stores that sell, and do inventory will eventually re-assess their inventory and ordering practices. Which will decrease output for the raw product.

I did some further investigation on the anaerobic companies, and they don't have a program for variable output of product, nor the marketing resources for said variables. Such as physical product. If the market calls for more fertilizer, and less energy output, the company will be shifting practices to keep up with demand, thus leaving their physical inventory pretty void. Void enough they may have to sell some machinery.

Its a great practice, but I think the set up and the business plan is shoddy at best. Marketing is non-existent, and a shift of intended output may happen in good amounts.

Personally, I think its a great idea that may fail soon, and fast. And then... Hippies will still be paying rent, but bumming cigarettes on the street nearby.
fukkake 7 years ago on 05/19/13
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Tulip O'Hare said:
Urge to play Power Grid rising...
Horse's Ass 7 years ago on 05/19/13
Tulip O'Hare said:
Urge to play Power Grid rising...

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