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News & For Sale “June 26, 2013: DOMA Struck Down” by Chrispy

Chrispy 6 years ago on 06/26/13
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Opinion of the court said:
DOMA’s unusual deviation from the usual
tradition of recognizing and accepting state definitions of
marriage here operates to deprive same-sex couples of the
benefits and responsibilities that come with the federal
recognition of their marriages. This is strong evidence of a
law having the purpose and effect of disapproval of that
class. The avowed purpose and practical effect of the law
here in question are to impose a disadvantage, a separate
status, and so a stigma upon all who enter into same-sex
marriages made lawful by the unquestioned authority of
the States.

Moderator Ryan the Lion Says:

Kirei the Klown 6 years ago on 06/26/13
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the.avidpedestrian 6 years ago on 06/26/13
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Nick The Newbie said:
This gay shit is confusing. What exactly happened? It sounds like only the federal portion of doma was struck, but the state portion is still up?

They still allow individual states to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, but the federal government will now have to recognize legal same-sex marriages for tax and benefit purposes.

What I'm confused about is what happened to the California Prop 8 thing? I thought that was separate from this one, did they not rule on it yet?
Moonage Daydream 6 years ago on 06/26/13
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Bring on the weddings! Here's the "Moonage Daydream wedding gift" payout table:

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Princess Shoujo Maiku 6 years ago on 06/26/13
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Kaziel 6 years ago on 06/26/13
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Nick The Newbie said:
Prop 8 was overturned a while ago, but the overturning was immediately appealed, so it was still in effect pending the appeal. The cali govt wasn't stepping up to the plate to defend that appeal, so a private organization did instead. SCOTUS says that a private organization does not have the authority to make a defense for something like that, so the appeal is rejected. Prop 8 overturning can now continue.
Pretty much spot on, Nick. I was watching it live and I'm super excited because now some of my friends who were previously unable to, can now get hitched! FUCK YEAH!
Boudicca 6 years ago on 06/26/13
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NC still sucks because of Amendment One but this gives me hope that eventually the states will have to stop being so fucked up.

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