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Pee Chat “2:46 - I was driving to the basket...” by Mr. Francis York Morgan

Mr. Francis York Morgan 7 years ago on 09/11/13
Equipped: Sword named "Fighander"
When I zigged insteadda zagged and I knew that I'd been had!

Alright, I'd be hard pressed to believe that at least a few haven't seen the Probe Chiropractic commercial. It's impossible to miss if you've lived in the South Jersey (admittedly, mostly Camden and Gloucester) area for even half a year. With that said, I'm really curious, what are some commercials that flood other parts of the country and folks never seem to catch on when you reference them? I'm talking about those really persistent late night television lawyers, used car dealerships or the odd medical practitioner.

The only real key I'm looking for is that the commercial hasn't changed all that much, and for the longest time seemed to be contained to "your personal district/counties".

There have to be some good ones, naturally!
Moonage Daydream 7 years ago on 09/11/13
Equipped: Link's Boomerang named "I wish I knew how to quit you"
We grew up with this poor guy in the blue t-shirt. All he wanted to do was cruise on over to White Hen for some bagel dogs and a bottle of Tab. Why, God? What did his '71 Impala ever do to you?

I think they still play it!
PS: Also how's this for off-the-chart creepiness?

My parents never took me here. I've never understood why
Mr. Francis York Morgan 7 years ago on 09/12/13
Equipped: Sword named "Fighander"
I totally forgot to post my own.

Just about everyone I know has been seeing these commercials for almost twenty years. At least, I'm damn sure we've been seeing them since before '98, but my attention span for commercials was really crappy in my pre-teens.
Bad Wolf 7 years ago on 09/13/13
Equipped: Sigil From Ed Elric's Coat named "Equivalent Exchange"

It's not as old as shit, but it's been around for quite a while because I remember seeing it CONSTANTLY when I was still living in New York, and now when I go back to visit my family I still see it (or different variations of it).

I think the biggest peeve it sets off with me is the line "have your neck broke from a crash you didn't provoke".

"Have your neck broke"
"your neck broke"
KFjdaldfkjad;lkdfj;alkdjfd;lafdj oeriuj
PS: The thing I love/hate about it though is the fact that even without the address on the bottom of the screen, you should be able to tell it's from New York from that guy's accent.


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