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Pee Chat “Things I Have Learned from OB Members” by Madam GMILF

Madam GMILF 7 years ago on 10/08/13
Equipped: Kato Mask named "Ha! Now I am incognito!"
It's that time of year when Barb becomes maudlin. Anyway, post some of what you have learned from fellow OB members.

From Lindze and many other ladies on this site, I learned what a waterline is as relates to the eye, and eye makeup (this has actually made a HUGE difference to me).

From Pam and Hil-hil, I learned that it is okay to own your sexuality, and if people have a problem with it, well - it's THEIR problem, not mine, and I should stop apologizing for it.

From Lisa (Logan) and Sean (Uma), I learned that it is perfectly acceptable to be a science fiction geek at my age, and to go ahead and voice my opinion, and fuck the haters.

From Claire, I learned to go ahead and put in the hard work required to follow your dreams, and don't give up.

From all of you, I have learned that everyone has problems, and not to let it interfere with how I live - and when it gets to that point, ask for help. Really. That is often so hard to do.

From many of you, I have learned that maybe I am not the worthless person I always thought I was, and I may have some redeeming qualities after all.

Have a blessed evening, and thank you.

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