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Pee Chat “What are you squeeeeeamish about?” by Amsterdammit

Fflewddur Fflam 4 years ago on 08/25/16
Equipped: Ramune Bottle Broken From Frustration
heliumsquid said:
Vomit. I can handle blood and broken bones, but vomit is worse to look at for me.

Smelling it is the part that can spread the nausea to me.

Moderator Lord_BullGod Says:

fangy 4 years ago on 08/25/16
Equipped: Vash's Gun named "Replica"
I can see vomit, I can touch vomit, I can clean it up and even accidentally get some on me from someone else, but fuck me I can NOT smell it. I'll instantly get squeamish and almost yak.

Moderator Lord_BullGod Says:

Lord_BullGod 4 years ago on 08/26/16
Equipped: Nunchiaku named "Drunken NinJa Otakon 2k4 Party Award"
Me while I flag all those posts
NekoStar 4 years ago on 08/26/16
Updated: 4 years ago on 08/27/16
Equipped: Link's Boomerang
Jellyfish make me SCREAM. They just float all floppy but still somehow cause pain.
PS: I was just in a conversation about burping and I remembered that Lost Decoys belches make me cringeee
OverHeadCam 4 years ago on 08/30/16
Equipped: JIF. (Choosy moms choose this) named "Jraphics Interchange Format"
I wanna upload pictures of my Indiana Basement Tarantulas but we're out of hard drive space.
domminess 4 years ago on 08/31/16
Equipped: Box of Crayons named "I FREAKING LOVE COLORING"
Eye trauma!

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