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Gen. Chat “Self Reminders.” by AnonymousGirl

AnonymousGirl 5 years ago on 03/29/14
Equipped: Shark With Frickin' Laser
We have a thread about why our days are awesome, and plenty of threads about what/whom we're upset about. I've found there wasn't a thread that talked about positive reminders though, so I thought hey, why not make this thread? I admit, this thread is mostly my own little catharsis, but if you guys feel like joining in, feel free. It can be as personal/impersonal as you want, vague or obvious, just as the other threads go.

Right now, I hope that I can get better, mentally. I hope that by going through this frightening process that is psychiatric evaluations that I can learn more about myself, be a better friend, and be happier. I hope I can eventually find the love of my life, even though I thought I already did. Out of everything though, I hope the most that one or two years from now I can look back and sigh in relief, knowing that what once felt so big and horrendous is now mending into something bearable, and from that point, something that is okay, and then just maybe, something that makes me happy.

Moderator nomad Says:

AnonymousGirl 5 years ago on 03/29/14
Equipped: Shark With Frickin' Laser
To clarify, this is a "personal goals" type thread.
nomad 5 years ago on 03/31/14
Equipped: Cockblast of Vengence named "A burst of rainbow fruit flavor in your mouth"
I like this idea, right now my mind is going 100 miles an hour. I have so many plans, goals and projects I want to fulfill I get overwhelmed. I have a hard time to focus on one task at a time. Its a bad symptom of depression to have so many things you want to do but to feel crushed and like you have to lift 1000 pounds to get started on just doing one thing. I really need threrapy.

Right now Im trying to focus on finding a country home to spend my weekends (just the thought of having to visit a bunch of places, evaluate them and deal with reps and the bank is like a huge weight on my shoulders for an unbelievable dumb reason I cant figure out, I mean big fucking deal right?), preferably by a lake, I think getting away and de-stressing from the city life will do me wonders not to mention give me a place where I can work on my personal projects i.e: Painting, reading and building stuff.
Kirei the Klown 5 years ago on 03/31/14
Equipped: Ein Plushie named "Poopenheimer"
Self-reminder: you built a pretty nicely serviceable wall-mounted DVD rack out of kind-of-shitty pine that sat in a garage for months and a basement for over a year, patching cracks and knots with nail-filler and wrestling the more warped boards into shape to make a goddamn square. GO YOU!

You can totally make a larger scale version to serve as a bookshelf in the guest room. You're going to get a handle on using the circular saw and it's going to be cool. Don't freak out. You are competent!
AnonymousGirl 5 years ago on 04/01/14
Updated: 5 years ago on 04/23/14
Equipped: Shark With Frickin' Laser
I am going to make all A's this quarter. No exceptions.
PS: If I had made better decisions, I wouldn't be pulling an all-nighter right now.

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