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News & For Sale “Regarding Firefox and Mozilla” by m1cnBot

Barney Stinson 7 years ago on 04/07/14
Equipped: Handcuffs named "For Police Chief Marth, controllin anime hooligans"
Take this with a grain of salt, because I am purposely going for the rude version of this but....

Maybe there is no hole in our society. Maybe the Supreme Court is acknowledging the fact that religion has aspects that OUST people, while gay beliefs/marriage ousts NO ONE.

Simple fucking math. Some group tells another group they can't BE IN LOVE or GET MARRIED, which essentially makes them less of a person.

Meanwhile the gay groups are like, uh, just leave us alone. Getting married doesn't stop YOU from doing anything. We're not even stopping you from whining, just go away and whine somewhere else.
John Booty 7 years ago on 04/08/14
Equipped: Sparkledonkey's Gallbladder
Kumba said:
Precisely because it's not easy is why this debate is happening,

Actually, it really is that simple! Sorry!

Free speech is not freedom from consequences.

Which part is complicated? Just because a lot of people try very hard to complicate it -- generally as a result of throwing a monkey wrench named "religion" into their mental gears -- doesn't mean that it's actually complicated.

Kumba said:
Actually, I'd expect the CEO of a company to use, on a regular basis, the products of his or her competitors. I'd expect the CEO of Ford to own not only own or lease a Toyota, but several of their models, as well as several models of Honda, Nissan, Chevy, Dodge, VW, etc.

You're too smart to be that disingenuous - and you should know that it makes you look the opposite of clever.

Clearly I'm not suggesting that the CEO of Ford be fired for performing competitive analysis by driving another company's car.

And you know that I'm not suggesting that.
John Booty 7 years ago on 04/08/14
Equipped: Sparkledonkey's Gallbladder
Kumba said:
Based on this case, could not one make the argument that Chick-Fil-A is discriminating against someone by not being open on Sundays because of their owner's religious beliefs? Should the government force them to stay open on Sunday and accept people's business, since it is quite common for other businesses to work Sundays?

I can't even tell if you're being serious or not, but that's an easy one.

The answer is that Chik-Fil-A has every right to be closed on Sundays, or any other day of the week they want.

They are not interfering with anybody's right to practice their religion (or anything else) by closing on Sundays. They're not even interfering with anybody's right to eat chicken on Sundays. Even if they're not serving you chicken on Sundays, you can still eat chicken on Sundays.


Hypotheticals about "rights" are a total goose chase as far as the Mozilla thing goes. Nobody is disputing Eich's right to donate to Prop 8, or his right to think that gays are a lesser class of humans that doesn't deserve the right to marry.

We very much support his right to do those things. However, many of us feel that those choices (and his subsequent handling of the situation) make him a person that's ill-suited to run Mozilla.
Achtung! Wafflesnatchers 7 years ago on 04/21/14
Slade xTekno said:
Another shallow victory in the culture wars of the left. You know that liberals have run out of solutions to offer when it moves to quash free speech and debate, the principles on which it claims to rest. PS: To be fair, the right isn't off...

Sorry bro, there's no war on culture from the left. Besides, if your "culture" values an inequality of social, political, and economic opportunities, your culture needs to change or go away.

Damn dude, it's like you make such an effort to be daft.

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