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Fatty Talk “Growing your own” by Kirei the Klown

Princess Shoujo Maiku 8 years ago on 05/15/14
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My corn is coming up along with everything else is doing well! I think my watermelon is sprouting too!
Kirei the Klown 8 years ago on 05/15/14
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All my chard seeds made seedlings! The kale is coming right along too. I need to thin both and transplant some of the little guys... I might actually put some down where I tried to plant strawberries because I think those suckers are dead (they only cost $4 for a few starter plants, so not a huge loss). Might as well use the space. I love me some greens!

I tried to transplant some of my sunflower sprouts to outside, but I think something was disturbing them - only 2 of the 8 I put in are still alive there. It was just a whim so I'm not heartbroken. I put in some of the Autumn Beauty sunflower seeds in the same area to see if they come up.

My mom and dad came down for the week, and my mom brought oodles of plants for me! Chives and thyme for the garden, and Solomon's seal, bloodroot, Bleeding Heart, and some assorted daylilies for flower plantings elsewhere. She even helped me dig up the lilies growing in shade out front to put them in the sun! My mom is the best. :)
Creepy Stalker 8 years ago on 05/15/14
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Kirei the Klown 8 years ago on 06/25/14
Updated: 8 years ago on 06/27/14
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I've harvested a bit of chard and kale from the pallets - they're growing pretty nicely now that we're getting more sun. We put the last batch into some curried lentils; I want to make a potato and greens curry with the current batch. Oh, and both the container tomatoes have made green tomatoes! Just waiting for them to ripen up.

I also seeded cucumber maybe a month ago and the 2 getting the most sun are really taking off! Starting to wonder if they'll be containable (they're bush-variety, supposedly, but we'll see what happens).

Weeds are going CRAZY in the ground beds, though. I wonder if they're just that aggressive or if the previous owners didn't weed for shit. Both are likely.
PS: Next up - churning up the weedy patches at the side of the garden, adding some garden soil to the existing soil, and planting some bush beans my mom gave me. I've never grown bush beans - my mom always planted pole beans when I was a kid. Curious to see how they turn out!
jennyfur 8 years ago on 07/03/14
Updated: 8 years ago on 07/13/14
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Garden experiment results:
My kale is growing like mad. I've made kale chips out of it a few times, as well as throwing it in salad. My squash is like a 10 foot vine in two different directions now lol... it's actually cleared the 6' fence and is attempting to attack my neighbor. I've been meaning to apologize to her. It's just flowering though, there's no actual veggies yet. My old Italian neighbor growing up used to always make fried zucchini flowers for me when I was a kid, perhaps I should attempt to try that myself since there's so many available flowers at the moment. Hopefully this heat wave doesn't kill all my stuff.

This year was an experiment on growing random things... some stuff that failed in previous years is thriving now, and some stuff I never tried before has failed. Things that are doing surprisingly well are the green beans and squash. The spinach is kinda meh, and the squash is strangling my basil to death (which is usually my most plentiful crop) so for next year I'll be moving it to another section. Most likely to where the lettuce currently is, since that's proven to be a bit of a failure. I've finally given up on cilantro after like 3 years of growing it... shit always bolts before it's useful. I may move it indoors and see if that helps any next year. My strawberries finally produced (more than like 2) for the first time, but I think it's finished now or it just doesn't like the heat. I tried a different variety of tomato than last year, and as of the first two I've eaten, I actually prefer the previous type. This one makes bigger tomatoes, but they are a different consistency/flavor than the other ones were.

I have a fuck ton of parsley that I have no idea why I planted. I thought I had a recipe in mind, but now I don't know what, and there's SO MUCH OF IT. Definitely cutting that amount next year. There's a few new things that maybe I'll try next year instead.
PS: Update: yanked out all of the spinach cuz it was pissing me off. Also pulled some of the lettuces.

Still not liking the consistency of the new tomato variety. I wonder if harvesting it earlier might help.

One of the other squash vines has started climbing the fence. It's getting dangerously close to the top now. This is in addition to the one that already cleared the fence and looks to have made its way most of the way back down the other side. I think I should probably text my neighbor soon haha.

Having all the herbs has been great.
PS: ...aaaaand only 3 months later I remember why the hell I planted the parsley LOL. Chimichurri. Was watching TV and a commercial came on that reminded me.

Finally got a chance to talk to my neighbor about the squash vines haha. And speaking of which, one of them has an actual squash finally starting to grow! I think it's the spaghetti one, but they're so intertwined it's hard to say.
Kirei the Klown 8 years ago on 07/18/14
Equipped: Chicken & Waffles named "My baby daddy love him some Roscoes!"
I put 3 small rows of bush beans in the side garden after tearing out the weeds - they seem to be doing okay so far despite getting a bit less sun than everything else.

The cucumber vines in full sun are still going nuts - and I got 2 full grown cukes (one off each of the big vines - the little vines that get less sun are flowering and only have teeny baby cukes starting). Will try tonight to see if I got them picked at the right time. Unfortunately I accidently cracked the base of one vine when picking - it looks like it's just a surface crack, not through the whole thing, so hopefully I didn't kill it.

The thyme is coming along well, too. I actually pulled a bunch of the dead twigs that were bunched in with the live plant (this one had been growing in my mom's garden for a while, wedged into some rocks) and it's starting green growth back in that spot. Hooray for fresh thyme!

And on a random bit - I have a stealth zucchini or squash plant in the front garden bed by the fence. I don't know how it got there, but it's currently blossoming. Can't wait to see what it turns out to be.

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