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Gen. Chat “I usually don't ask for help.. but.” by Digital Night

Digital Night 5 years ago on 04/28/14
Equipped: Portable Confessional. Have YOU been good? named "Forgive me Father, for I am Sin."
Blake here. It's been ages. I do stop in on occasion, make a snarky comment & approve some pics and profiles.

I'm thinking of every place I can go to get help. As I said in the header, I hate doing this but I need help.

Earlier in the month my wife & I had to rush our family pet into an operation to remove her spleen. Unfortunately this did not go well & she only survived two days after. The vet bill between the 1st 24 hour pet hospital & the regular vet, and then the Blue Pearl 24 Vet equaled out to about $1800 over the splay of 2 credit cards and our Care Credit card.

Fast forward to this past Saturday at 4:00am.

Driving back to the old place to get some sleep. We move in 1 week exactly. Crazy ass driver slides right into my blind spot. I try to turn into the skid but end up flipping on my top and rolling down the hill. Lucky for me, I'm not seriously hurt and I landed wheels first.

I opt into going to the ER. I get a CT Scan of my head as well as spinal x-rays. All and all they say I am ok. Just expect pain and spasms for the next week or so as my body tries to heal up.

If any of you with limited insurance knows, an Ambulance Ride costs nearly $1000 here in TN. Insurance will cover 30%. I have NO clue what my bills are going to be like from the ER. I'm thinking close to $3000 after they pay their portion insurance wise. SO we're talking $4000 right there.

And then unfortunately I am out of a vehicle. State Farm is looking over my vehicle to see if it is a total loss or not. If so, I'm getting between $1400 and $1800 which really isn't enough to get much of anything vehicle wise. So all and all I will save it and see if I can pay off some of our previous debt with it. :(

Here is where you all come in. I dont know if you want to make it public or not, but I have a GoFundMe account set up to see if I can get a portion of things back from those who care about me and/or my situation. I have perks so it's not a -complete- loss on your end.

Thank you all for the awesome decade here on OB. I Can't wait to see what comes of this place in the future.

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John Booty 5 years ago on 04/29/14
Equipped: Sparkledonkey's Gallbladder
Thanks for being such a great supporter of OB for so long. We sent a few bucks to you. I am so sorry so much crap hit you at once.

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