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Fatty Talk “Who Watches the WeightWatchers?” by Cash

Cash 8 years ago on 05/29/14
Equipped: Poke-ball named "WHO'S THAT POKEMON?!?!?!"
Weight Watchers is a fucking tyrant whose iron grip remains firmly wrapped around my very soul.

I started with the program like 2.5 weeks ago and lost 5 pounds in the second week after completely fucking up the first week.

This shit is like... yeah, they keep telling you that you can have all the food you always liked, just better portions of it. This more or less extends to essential things like pizza, but fried food is basically one big bag of get the fuck out of here.

Still, I think it's working and I'm sticking with it for at least as long as my girlfriend is or if I hit my target of 235. 281 at last check in.

So, fellow Weight Watchers... what foods do you rely on primarily to get by, what are some secret points-light magickal foods that you've come across?

For me, Jerky is one of the big miracle foods. Only 2 points per ounce, and that's enough to satisfy for a snack or to throw into some ungodly improvised dish. Bananas as well, for being 0 points and very sustaining.

Bread, though. Bread is the biggest problem food, and the thing I want most desperately. One fucking pita is 5 fucking points and that's so not fucking fair.
domminess 8 years ago on 05/29/14
Equipped: Box of Crayons named "I FREAKING LOVE COLORING"
If you have her friended on FB or twitter, hit up Lindze. She did WW so well she got articles written about her and shit.
Ak 8 years ago on 05/29/14
how to lose weight - cut out carbs/extra sugar which seems to be synonymous with low-point values. I used to be on WW but i'd alway send up cheating so I had to give it away. Steak and veggies should be low on the point value, and filling too.

why must bread be so delicious D:
fukkake 8 years ago on 06/03/14
Equipped: Cockblast of Vengence named "Crotchfire!"
I focus on filling foods. Popcorn, apples w/ peanut butter, a hand-full of nuts (har har har), carrot sticks dipped in hummus, and greek yogurt. I always have these on hand.

I won't lie, the first three weeks are tough. You are adjusting and you are mentally changing the way that you have done things for as long as you have done them. It is not easy. It is hard work BUT I can say 35 pounds later that it is worth it. Keeo staying strong, keep reminding yourself that you are doing this to be health, to live a long life, and to feel better about yourself.
Kirei the Klown 8 years ago on 06/05/14
Equipped: Chicken & Waffles named "My baby daddy love him some Roscoes!"
I'm not as familiar with WW as I used to be, and I understand the rules have changed a little, but if veggies and fruits are still mostly free-play zones, I suggest going there. I like cooked stuff more than raw, so I have made a habit of snacking on cooked frozen veggies when the mood strikes, usually seasoned just with salt or with soy sauce/tamari. Toasted sesame seeds combined with salt are a great seasoning too - really nice on broccoli and spinach, and a little goes a long way.

Seconding apples and peanut butter and nuts like Steph said. Also, a plate of fruit with just a bit of cheese is a nice snack or small course (you can add nuts and olives in there too in moderate amounts), and provides a nice contrast of flavor and texture for interest.

Bread is a bitch. I have no tips for that other than to try alternative starches that fit better with WW. And lettuce wraps, maybe? I know, that's SO early '00s.
nategri 8 years ago on 06/30/14
Equipped: Clue Stick named "Some Sense"
I'll weigh in with my usual low carb minority report.

I had tried the WW-esque moderation method in the past, but it just wasn't a good fit. Like the Chevrolet Corvair, pizza (and related carb-y foods) were simply unsafe at any speed. I was always fighting a crave cycle that threatened a relapse.

The shocking truth of my life right now is that I don't give a shit about pizza. It was hard at first, but after a few weeks I didn't even miss the stuff. Losing weight becomes easy when you no longer have any desire for 90% of the food that causes problems.

This is not to say Here is the One and True Weight Loss Method, hold no other Diets before This One. Only: Don't get discouraged. Try different shit. There's something out there that will work.
Lord_BullGod 7 years ago on 09/16/14
Equipped: Nunchiaku named "Drunken NinJa Otakon 2k4 Party Award"
Yeah and who weighs them too?! HUH?!

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