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News & For Sale “LGA 1366 CPU” by Amberwolf

Amberwolf 5 years ago on 09/28/14
I'm looking around for poeple with old computers sitting around unused with an LGA1366 type CPU that they'd part with cheaply. I realize it's pretty unlikely, and have asked at a few forums I frequent, to increase the slim odds.

A friend switched over his old motherboard, ram, and video card to new stuff, and moved his CPU to the the new setup. Now I have his old ones, but no CPU to fit it. it's possible the board or RAM has an intermittent problem, which is why he changed it out, but it may also just have been an insufficient PSU to run it all, as he's also changed that (and used the old PSU in something much "smaller"). No way to know till I get a CPU for it to test it out.

Apparently it's a board meant for "higher end" CPUs, and so the ones that will fit it aren't cheap. :( (some of the ones I find online are well over $500, and I think the cheapest I found is around $150 or so, not including shipping, and is probably a pull from a scrapped server. I found some listed really really cheap but I don't trust the sellers, either can't verify what they actually have or even where they are, etc.)

It an MSI (forgot what model) that uses either a Xeon W3690 or W3565 or a regular CPU for LGA1366.

I also have an old LGA775 system, I think it's an e2200 CPU? I forget...dont' have anything wiht me to check. :( But I don't know for sure what's broken--either CPU or motherboard (or both) cuz it doesn't POST. Givne the complexity, it's more likely the board is what's wrong, given that it had bad caps (which i replaced to no avail). But I have nothing here to test the CPU in before buying anything for it. The RAM tests ok in my other system, and my ram has no difference to this board/cpu. No change with different PSUs either. The board is a very basic type, from an OEM AFAICT.

But if I have to spend money to get a better system, I'd rather get a CPU for the 1366type board than a board for hte 775 CPU. (unless someone knows of an adapter for putting one in the other, which probalby isn't even possible).

I've got a couple of working desktops now, but neither will run my music stuff well enough to even playback my less-CPU-intensive projects, some of which pretty well maxed out the systme I lost in the fire (core2duo something or other). I have a third one that might be about the same as that one, though it's AMD's dual core version, but I keep having Windows XP activation problems with it of various kinds, and BSODs, so something is wrong with it somewhere that could be in hardware, though it passes every test I throw at it, and swapping out everything but MLB and CPU doesn't change the issues....

Thus, hoping to get a CPU for that 1366 MLB, cheaply.

John Booty 5 years ago on 10/03/14
Equipped: Sparkledonkey's Gallbladder
What's your budget? I see some LGA1366 CPUs on eBay for under $100. Here's one for about $100AUS/$86USD.

It ships from Australia so it'd probably take a couple of weeks if it has to go through customs, but the seller has a strong seller rating...

Good luck!
Amberwolf 5 years ago on 10/03/14
Updated: 5 years ago on 10/15/14
Thanks--that helps. It's a little more than half of what I've been seeing htem for. I'll check it out!

PS: Some checking says that one won't work on my board. :(

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